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Get naughty auctions from Rebecca Lord: not Ebay but better! Rebecca Lords naughty auctions Get naughty auctions from Rebecca Lord: not Ebay but better!
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I am not Ebay. I will only auction my stuff. So don't expect me to sell my used baby chair or dog collar! Every day, if there is any new bid, it will be posted on this page so you'll always know what's the current price of the item. When you email your bid choose a nickname. You will receive a confirmation of your bid. If you are outbid, you will also receive an email to give you the bad news!!! The bidding ends on the date mentioned below, at Midnight (Pacific Time) exactly. There will be no exception! You can bid only as specify below. Please do not email me to ask me if there will be another auction for the item or anything like this. I already get enough emails everyday!! last thing:
Your bid is a contract • Only place a bid if you're serious about buying the item; if you're the winning bidder, you will enter into a legally binding contract to purchase the item from me.
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Rebecca Lords auction sold sign Rebecca's 100 minutes PhoneSex Card.
Regular price: $269.00. Get yours way cheaper!
Begins: 09/08/2007 Ends: 09/23/2007
Currently: $129.00 Time left: 15
First bid: $129.00 Highest bidder: -
Minimum bid: $10.00 Shipping charges: none

Payment Visa/MasterCard, American Express.


Rebecca Lords bikini for auction

Be careful! It's not like on E-bay! Don't bet at the last minutes!!!
There is no automatic software (not yet!) to bet! I AM the software!!!

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