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- I don't know if you watched the media coverage of the "Virginia Massacre" on TV but it really shocked me and I just wanted to say a little word about it. First of all, the slaughter itself. It's really awful, I am sure we all agree on this one. Now, how come it is so easy to purchase a gun in Virginia, well, in the whole US for that matter. Don't you think guns should be illegal (and replaced by sexier things for example! :)?
I know, I know: maybe it would hvae happened even though guns are illegal, but look, there are no such things in Europe for example. there are other bad thing for sure, but I have never heard of the slaughter of student on a campus. I am not going to open a debate on guns (I guess you know what I think about it by mow! LOL!) but the US is a great country and would be so much greater without all these guns!
Now, the media!!! You already know what I think about it, but this time they have really done it! Bunch of undecent starving vultures. That media coverage is a shame. Vulture is really the word. It looks like they had nothing to eat for weeks now. What a great change: we don't have to put the last bombing in Bagdad that killed more than 150 persons! For once, it's right here in our backyard!! I heard reporters explaining how it was "such a waste of beautiful lives" (among other demagogic sentences). How come I have never heard this kind of commentary about the US military and innocent Iraqi people killed by bombings in Iraq? Their life is not worth being called "beautiful"?
Stupid and horrific questions ("how do you handle the death of your daughter" - Larry King live), juicy details (cell phones of the dead people at the morgue ringing), voyeurism (all the videos you can eat! "look, it's a wounded woman on a stretcher, she seems to be alive"...), and harrassment , disrespect for the poor families that lost their kids. Why in the hell would you air the videos of the deranged kid that commited those murders? The families didn't get enough? What are they fonna find next? They already talked about the video games, you'll see that he was watching porn!!! They even interviewed the poor Korean grandmother. The whole Korea apologized! What a circus! Why would Korea apologize because a crazy person is born there and did such a horrific thing?
I could go on and on about the media coverage. I know it's useless and it will be the same next time such a terrible thing happened. It just pisses me off!
- Once again: I DIDN'T RETIRE!!! Do not believe all the crap you read on the net!
To be quite 'raw', I am sucking, fucking, licking...all the good stuff you've seen me do for the past years! LOL! It is true that I do not make as many movies, as a performer, as I use to do, but I still do them, once in a while. It is also true that I produce and direct more movies and perform less. But I am not retiring nor I did retire or I will! I will die having sex in front of a camera! NOW I am kidding!
I know what's the next question: what are you going to do when you retire?
I am not sure, would be the answer! Maybe I'll open a restaurant (and no, it won't be a sex restaurant! Hehee! Just a regular one!). Maybe I'll go back to being a make up artist!? We shall see when I do retire!
- What the hell am I doing out of the US?
Sometimes I wonder! :)
I had to take a little break, far from the US Adult Industry. Everything has changed in our business. Not for the best. Not that it was better before. Just it has changed a way I do not like. Now, it's bigger, dirtier, men are body builder, and there is all this spitting, violent fucking, humiliation...Not my cup of tea. I am pretty sure that you can make adult movies and keep it hardcore and nice looking without all the above!
For me, a porn movie is about chemistry with my partner, not about when is he going to shove his bodybuilderdick in my throat as far as he can, slap my ass real good, spit a couple of time in my it pleases the production who sincerely believe they will sell more DVDs if they make it nastier than the competition. Nasty isn't that! Nasty is when a couple of performers (or more) have chemistry and enjoy what they do. I love it rough if it is the way WE (the performers) chose. Beating up or humiliating a girl is okay when it comes to bondage.
Now, accepting these things because you get paid for it, sucks! I rather direct and produce my own movies so I can have it my way. I know there are people to buy these DVDs but there are also people that still prefer to see a nice XXX scene with nice looking performers in a nice environment. That's what I am trying to achieve when I produce a movie.
Frankly, to be raw, a cock deep inside an ass or pussy will always be a cock deep inside an ass or pussy! Any way you see it, any way you try to show it, it's the same cock in the same ass or pussy. You can slap that butt, you can spit on the face of the actress, you can strangle's still going to be the same cock in the same holes!!
My (male) friends always tell me that when they were teen agers, they bought Penthouse, Playboy, Hustler single lay see beautiful naked women in magazines. It turns them on, not because the women does all the so called nasty stuff, but just because she is pretty and they can fantasize about doing nasty stuff! :)
Then, of course, it's up to every one to have his own fantasy. But is it smart to show it all in porn movies? Furthermore, is it smart to show this to young men and women? It's a little bit like the WARNING before Beavis and Butthead (or other TV shows): don't try this at home! LOL! It is only movies, like in the regular movies. It is not the reality.
When you're having sex, do you often call your wife or girlfriend "bitch this, bitch that" then pull out and cum on her face? Do you call friends and DP or double anal your better half? Is she sleeping with make up and high heels? Is she having sex with the plumber, the gardener, her boss, the cab she following guys in the street and abuse them outdoors? Or maybe she joins a gang bang on a construction site, or in a bar?
LOL! I didn't think so!! :)
Now it was a long explanation to explain a little break! hehee! Let just say that I much rather work for people like Adam & Eve, that are couple oriented, that delivers nice looking movies with nice looking performers (free publicity Bob!), than working in an Industry that put most of female performers in an awkward position. Don't get me wrong: there are still productions and directors that make good porn. But they are like the T-rex of Jurassic Park!
So, not that it is any better overseas, but I wanted to see something else, and especially, do something different. Too many fake boobs in the XXX US Industry. Too many robotic moaning and groaning...I wanted to work with women that are "natural". Why I stayed in Europe for a couple of years and now in Brazil.
Once again: don't get me wrong! I love my job and I love the good old US of A. Just needed to experiment something different since my entire carreer has been in the US (at the exception of less than more less 10 movies in Europe when I begun). Now I am looking for a distributor in the US (as you maybe aware, I had a deal with JKP but they went bankrupt! Not my fault! LOL!). Not an easy task since our biz has changed so much. But I want you to enjoy what I have done in Europe and no matter what, it will be on this site for you to see it.
Now when I come back to the States, I may change coast! I am thinking about New York for a change!...
- Very often I have been asked what I do when I am not working! Well, I am working most of the time though! In this job of mine, you have only a few years in front of you so you better work hard for your bucks!!
Anyway...when I am not working, I am taking care of my doggies. They are old and I am very often at the vet. Unfortunately. Second best is shopping: when I work I usually do my shopping on the net. I know it sucks! So as soon as I have some free time, I go to the mall (Vegas) or places like Melrose in L.A. and I shop as much as I can! LOL!
Rest of the time, I do the opposite: I am taking my clothes off!!! Hehee! But not to try some new ones on!!!
I know I have sex already a lot in my line of business (!), but when I am done shopping and taking care of my babbies, I have sex. A lot. I go to orgy club in Europe, mainly in Paris and Barcelona. Most of the time I watch then if there are some nice looking girls and guys, I participate. But rarely. I like to watch. It turns me on. When I watch I then choose a partner and get him(her) to my cave to get wild!!! I am also part of the Mile High Club.
Believe it or not, I have a hard time finding a girlfriend out of the business. So when I have sex with a girl, 95% of the time she is a XXX actress. Right now and for the past 7 month, I have a relationship with a Czech actress. She is very cute and in my movies (of course) but since I hate gossip I won't tell you her name!!
Other than that, I still do not wear any panties most of the time (I would say 70% of the time). My favorite vibrator is the pocket rocket which I carry in my purse all the time! I use it pretty often, especially in planes, trains (lots of those in Europe! LOL!), and automobiles (when I am the passenger dumb ass!). Sounds like a Hollywood movie if I remember well! It usually takes me less than 5 minutes to reach a very satisfying orgasm. I think it's the best tool ever created to pleasure yourself! If you didn't buy one to your girlfriend you should! I am not too much in dildos: they are too big to transport and most of them are not the right feel. I mean it's either too hard, too soft...But I do have several to pleasure myself sometimes after I used the pocket rocket. It's like having your pussy eaten and no penetration after! I like to feel a hard cock and when I do not have the real Mc Coy next to me I use dildos. I can have all kind of orgasm with my clit, my vagina and my asshole. But the stronger one when I touch myself is the clit. Which is not the case when I have sex: then they are all strong if the guy knows what he is doing. One last thing: with woman, I want them to lick me and finger me. I have a very quick and powerfull orgasm if you finger my G point real well and usually in less than 2 minutes! But I prefer to do them with my favorite strap on than the opposite. I am a dominatrix, nothing I can do about that!!
I hope I have answer some questions on my prrivate life when I am not working! LOL!
- I didn't have time to thank all the guys that left a message in my Guestbook so this is it: thanks to all of you! You guys are great! So many messages! Most of them real nice! Which brings me to:
Next year the site will celebrate its 10 years!! Time flies when you're having fun! In October 2006, to celebrate the 10 years and for all of you that take time to read this (long) page, I will offer you a free membership on October 1rst. October 1rst ONLY. So don't forget as there will be no reminder of any sort or no message of any sort in the news page or elsewhere. The day before, there will be a link, right here, to access the site for free!!
- No I am not retired (as of Nov.2005)!! I already said so several time, in the chatroom, here, below, on my news page...Do you want me to say it in French? "Je n'ai pas encore pris ma retraite!" Happy!? LOL! Seriously, when I do retire, you'll be the first to know. I can see you like "yeah yeah yeah"!!! Well, go to your favorite store bveginning of 2006 and you'll see new releases for the first 3 month of the year! It should be called "Rebecca Nasty Girls". Even though I am making movies in Europe, I have finally found a new distributor in the US for these movies!
See no retirement just yet!
Now, I haven't dance in a while in strip clubs and do not plan on doing it soon. I am way too busy making movies for your enjoyment!
Yes I am still spending lots of time in Europe making these movies. Yes I still have my house in Vegas where I rest when I am done with these movies! Yes I still love to be in the US and yes I love my country as well (France). Even though what's going on right now is not that great (riots around Paris). It's cool because I can enjoy the good sides of both countries!!
- These Spam guys must be really desperate!! Now to try and sell you a mortgage, they send Spam with subject "I love you" or "naughty teens"!! Way to go to get your attention! I will surely be happy to get a mortgage with serious people like this! LOL!!!
- Can someone explain to me why the rappers are always touching their dick when they sing!??? I cannot recall one single video clip on MTV or VH1 where the guy actually rap without touching his dick!! Weird huh? LOL!
- It's funny how disappointed the media looked after the Presidential Election! They wre all saying that they wouldn't do the same mistake like 4 years ago, announcing the winner, then retarcting and announcing another winner...So they keep telling this every 15 minutes but it was so obvious that they would have loved to get "special coverage" on Ohio 2004 after Florida 2000! Really funny!
- I am a little worry whn it comes to XXX products on the shelves of your favorite store! What I mean by that is quality speaking! Put it this way: there are about 10000 Adult movies made per year! When it comes to your store and they display all these movies (not the 10000 of course), I am wondering how you guys make your choice? I think nowadays, anyone takes a camera a make a XXX movie, well at least they call it a XXX movie! So I think our Industry has taken the wrong turn and allowed way too many shity products. No more budget. You can make your own movie for 2 grands! It has become ridiculous! No more pros working medium or big budget in nice locations with nice looking women. Not no more, but just a few of them! So the result is a drop in the ocean of crappy XXX movies!
So guys, please, when you go to your store, try and pick good quality movies from good companies and leave the crappy stuff on the shelves!
How can I say what's crappy and what's not? Easy enough: just look at the footage! Bad editing, lump dick, bad looking guys and girls, bad camera,...What's usually not bad is the box cover! It's the only way they can sell their shit! So be aware that what's on the box is not always what's inside the tape or DVD! If you get screwed one time, do not rent or buy from that company again!
- Something else that pisses me off: women humiliation in Adult Movies! It looks like it's a fashion to humiliate women in Ault movies! Spitting on the girl, strangling her, beating her up (or if they don'tdo it because of the law, it's VERY rough!), pissing on her, insulting her...etc...
I don't know why some of these so called directors do this, but I would love to help putting an end to it!
Does it really turn you on to hear a guy saying "Come on bitch, spread your ass... You like my big dick in your fuck hole?...You're such a dirty cunt..." that sort of things?
Is there anybody that thinks it turns women on, in real life? Does aybody actually talk like this to his wife or girlfriend?
I didn't think so! LOL!
Don't get me wrong: I love strong XXX action and energetic sex! It doesn't mean women are pieces of meat you can treat like shit! I am not a feminist but I find it really sad that people are buying these movies!
- Very often, I have been asked how many email per day I receive! Really you don't want to know!! WAY too many! However, who said spam was not useful?
I learned that:
- It's ALWAYS a good time to re-finance my mortgage or get a second one. No matter what time of the year, it is THE time to do it!!
- I should get some Viagra so I would please my partners fully! Just picture it: my clit in a super erection!! LOL!
- If I don't want to receive no nasty Spam anymore, I should get that Spam filter! These people have a fantastic sense of humor!
- I can make a fortune on Ebay! Yes a fortune! There is some really generous people on this earth, ready to share with you the secret that made them rich...and for nothing (well just a few bucks and you can be a millionaire!
- This company found me a date I was expecting for so long! Finally, I won't be masturbating anymore! She is perfect for me they said!
- I can watch teen girls having sex in every single position there is! Teen girls, yes sir! Wao! Isn't it great to watch some 40 years old with piggy tails in a cheer leader outfit?
- Bad credit is NEVER a problem. They will fix it for you, in no time. They probably have some pals well connected at the IRS!
- My penis will grow so much my girlfriend will thank me big time! How weird! even weirder, I will see my boyfriend smile! Hum, there must be something I missed!
- Time to order some Xanax and other valium pills. Yeah well, we live in a fucked up world don't we?
- I should order these software now...tomorrow will be too late! LOL! Still don't understand why I receive this email every day then? I thought...never mind!
- I can watch girls having sex with animals. All kind of animals. What's next, after teens, midget, animals...? Men from Mars? Sometimes I understand why there is people lobbying against pornography!
- I want a new car and these guy will do anything at any cost to get me one. Hell, they will give it to me for free if they have to! Maybe they will give me money if I don't find the deal good enough!!
- It's time to loose weight! Oh boy, picture it! What am I gonna do if I loose weight!? Maybe a weight loss commercial huh?
- I can get approved for a new credit card! Yes, number 14! The one I didn't have yet! But this one is very special and I wouldn't miss that for all the credit card in the world!
- I won a million dollars! What do you mean I didn't? If they say I did, it surely must be true! All I have to do is "click here"!
- I should get bigger tits! Sure, I'd like to! This revolutionary product will make my titties bigger in less than 15 days and incredibly, I do not need expensive surgery! So guys, be aware that your favorite hostess will soon get the biggest tits $100 can buy, and that all the plastic surgeons in this fast-moving world will soon be bankrupt!!
- Of course, I can get instant access to all the porn site in the world! The best ones (hum weird I didn't see mine listed), with new pictures never-seen-before...1994!!! LOL! So many videos my computer hard drive will moan! But best of the best, like most of these great spam, it's FREE!
- To end it once and for all, or at least until it is true: NO, I am NOT retired (July 2004)!! Lots of rumors on the net, and even in the biz! But as far as I know, I didn't retired! LOL! I said I will the day I do not enjoy what I do enough to keep going! As long as it's more pleasure than a job (!), well, I won't quit! Of course, I do not intend to be a second Nina Hartley, although I have a great deal of respect for her. I don't picture myself in 20 years still dong porn! That would be insane and there are so many young pretty woman knowcking at the door, I feel it would be a non sense! So I will be moving on...When? Don't know but be sure you'll be the first to know! So stop and listen to anything you hear and read on the net! Most of it (about 90%) is crap and is written by people not in the biz hearing it from someone that heard it from someone that heard it from someone...
- Something amazing: I saw that 20 million people watch that dog competition on TV! 20 million! Man, it's really sad if that's the only thing people have to do with their life! Get a life! Get out, have some fun! 20 million...!!!
- Something I found hilarious, I heard on the news couple days ago: "...Tiger Woods first appearance since his knee injury..."!!! LOL! I don't think I need to add any comment, do I?!! :))
- I already told you I find a babe on TV! She is a News girl! Her name is LIZ CHO. Check it out: If you find links of other babe I told you I like a lot, please email them to me! Thanks! :)
- I don't know if some of you saw the O'Reilly Factor this day (02/07/03) but he was interviewing Heidi Fleiss. It is tough to have an opinion on the guy. He is surely very clever, but he is surely very agressive as well. Not to say closed mind. Always digging for more shit he can handle I would say. Too bad to waste talent that way! Anyway...Heidi Fleiss...after trying to have her tell stuff she didn't tell even we she got arrested, we chose the "prostitution is so degrading" approach. What an ass! Better: biggot (sorry about the spelling!)!! "Selling their body for money is degrading...not noble..."etc...
Well I got news for you O'Reilly: selling his soul to TV network is surely much better huh!? Why is it that someone would think that being a prostitute is degrading? One choose what he/she wants to do! Except if they have been forced to do so by someone, there is nothing degrading selling your body! Plus it's the oldest job in the world. Even the Christ offered a charitable hand to the prostitute.
There are surely lots of degrading jobs in the world, but being a hooker is surely more straight forward than being a "dig shit" interviewer. Mr O'Reilly probably should look into statistics: how many more sexual crimes would there be if there was no prostitution? How many more wacos browsing ourt streets without hookers? What's wrong with a person paying for sex? Lots of women find suckers that would pay for all kind of gifts and every day expenses. They are called mistress/hi-maintenance girlfriend/5 to 9 secretaries...whatever (all the cliches)! Why not giving the money directly and call it what it is!? Prostitution is illegal in most places in the US but legal mostly in the rest of the world Mr O'Reilly! Don't you think there is a reason to that? It's also called "culture". Not biggotry. Look at world history and you'll find out that prostitutes played a major role in that history, more than one time.
Before insulting women that are prostitutes, have you ever thought about inviting one on your show and talk with her about her job, instead of trying to dig shit on people just for the purpose of humiliating her, or telling her that she would burn in hell!? For someone that claims certain moral values, you should do a bit more of reading, and certainly re-read the precious Bible you refer to sometimes!
Heidi Fleiss is just the tip of the iceberg. Making prostitution illegal is dumb has it will attract more people (heard of the flavor of the sin? LOL!) to it. As I said: prostitution is the oldest job in the world and it will certainly remain that way. Lots of O'Reilly tried to make it an ugly thing and failed. It remains one of the most generous way to make a living, and Mr O'Reilly should try it once, so at least he knows what he is talkig about!! It's probably the best anger management there is! :))
- Very often I am asked what's my favorite city in the US! It's San Francisco and New York! It's a tie! Now, I don't know every single city in the US but I have travelled in every states and it's honnestly the one I prefer!
- Update on my favorite babes, Top 5: Adriana Lima (Victoria Secrets super model). Check her out on Yahoo (free publicity). If you find more gorgeous/erotic/sexy, please let me know!
- About the media (my favorite target!): I watch the whole "Snipper on the loose" story on TV like you probably! Come on, don't lie, I am sure you watched! LOL!
By watching all these dumb ass "special guest" on various channels, you know the so called "expert", and the comments of lots of dumb ass journalist (Fox & Friends, Paula "stupid" Zahn, etc.), I was thinking that a long time ago, for entertainment, the Romans were feeding Christians to the lions, and now, the media are feeding the Cretins to the viewer! I wonder what is the cruelest!? Oh well, it's just entertainment after all! For the news, I guess you will have to read some good old magazines or certain newspapers (or not!)!!!
- I don't think I ever told you: I play racketball! Not that I am very good at it but it calms my nerves when I read or hear dumb media stuff (see below)!
- Another dumb study (this one from Fox I believe!): if parents smoke, teenagers have a heavier tendency to have sexual relationship way earlier than other with non smoking parents!!! The study doesn't say if these same teenagers also smoke!??? When are they gonna tell us that it's because of Florida smokers there are hurricanes in this region!??? Dumb people will never cease to amaze me!
- Last one from the media (CNN specialized in dumb studies!): The more you have sex the more you'd likely die old! Great! I should die when I reach 150 years then!!! The study doen't say if it applies to Porn people (I doubt!)
- I usually watch some TV at night, after I am out of the Club, when on the road! Lots of MTV or VHS1: I have discover THE Ultimate Babe: SHAKIRA! Boy is she gorgeous and sexy! I had a real wet dream because of her!
- A little modification: You may have read a while ago (on this page, below) that I recommended Netflix to get DVD delivered to you and it was great! IT WAS!!!
I have canceled my subscription with them: they suck big time now! What use to be a great deal is nothing else but a poor service: have to wait for month if it's not a very popular title, the shipping takes forever and where you use to be able to get like 4 DVDs every four days or so is now every 10 days if you're lucky!
So you better going to your favorite video stores as the big ones carry now lots of DVDs and it's improving every week!
- I hate people eating pop corn (or nachos, stuff like that) at the movie theater, during the movie. It's driving me crazy to hear them while trying to watch a movie. So irritating!
- I never talked about it before: cannot think about everything!! :) I do collect Zippos! Not every Zippos lighters, only some. I will upload a page soon with my whole collection, so you can see what I am talking about!
- You know I am not a big sports fan, but once in a while...Anyway...
If someone could explain to me (send an email) why is it that you guys in the US call the Baseball or BasketBall winning team every season: World Series!??? Also for the NFL actually, you call them World Champion!???
As far as I know, there are only US teams that play these Championships? So why is it called World Series, Championship!???
I know it's probably a dumb question but if you have the answer, please let me know? LOL!
- I am sure you want to know everything about my sexual preferences. So here we go:
- Deep throating is one of my favorite. The longer and bigger the guy is, the better I enjoy it!
- I like rough sex and being fucked deeply. I also like "romantic" sex, especailly to begin with. When I am all horny
and stuff, time to fuck the shit out of me! Sometimes slapping is cool!
- I like being on the top when I am not tired. If I am, you better take care of me. Doggy is the best in that case (deeper is my motto).
- In a general way, I like being in control for the the first part, and being totally dominated for the second part!
- I love bondage as a dominatrix. You know me, I do not dig being submisive!
- I love anal sex. The best way to get me into it? Lick that pussy baby! Lick it until I get a huge gigantic orgasm,
lick it again to give me at least another one, then I am so open that you can pound my ass as deep as you can!
I have multiple orgasm whether it's anal or vaginal, if your dick is big and long enough. If it's a small one, then
I recommend to concentrate on the pussy licking a bit longer, and fcuk me the hardest way you know!
- I like to be tied up (not at the begining. Only when you begin to eat me pussy!). It's the best way to enjoy rough sex.
A blindfold would be great! Gives great sensations.
- Sometimes, I just want to be fucked. No eating pussy, no blow job...just a good old in & out! It depends of my mood!
- I like to have sex outdoors or in any kind of places (car, movie theatre, parking lot, departement stores, restaurant
restrooms, stairways, back room of a Club or a Bar, hotel rooms, airplane, pool, kitchen (food and sex, the best!)...
- I like sex with men (or women) I will never see again. It really turns me on!
- Of course, the list wouldn't be complete if I forget about multiple partners! You and your pals are ready for some
action? I am your girl. I love sucking dicks while being fucked. DP is one of my favorite things. I think 3 guys is a
maximum in this case, because I like to be able to take care of everybody. After 3 it is difficult! Well, I also like
being completely submisive in case you are more than 3. In that case, I want everybody to take care of me!!
- One of my favorite sex is to do couple. That's really great! You have the sweatness of a pussy and the rough ness of a cock. Tough to beat! In any case, 3 is my favorite number when it comes to sex!

- Since my two favorite News' babes aren't appearing on TV anymore (see way below), I have found some new ones!!! Check out Robin Meade on CNN Headline News (early morning), she is really cute and funny (love her way to laugh), and an awesome babe on (early morning) ABC News: Liz. This one should not do the news but she should be a model! Boy she is so sexy and gorgeous!
I also like Amanda on CNN: she does the reports from Wall Street in the morning. She is not as gorgeous or cute than the other two but she has that "je ne sais quoi" (something), her eyes, she has sex appeal! :))
- I read that they had to change the ending of the movie with Diane Lane (coming up soon) because the pre-release test were not good!
What a load of crap: picture John Huston or Orson Wells going through that process!!! We would have never seen "Citizen Kane" or "The Maltese Falcon". Just because there is not a happy ending to a movie doesn't make it a bad movie! Who cares what a 100 of dumb ass think during these pre-screens! Leave the director alone! By the past, the major companies, even though there were run by financial powerful people like today, at least the owners love the movies (unlike today, they don't give a shit if it's a masterpiece if it's not going to beat any kind of record (see the stats post just below!) and bring tons of $$$).
Making movie is suppose to be an art, not a Wall Street session! Since I opened Pandora's box, I take this opportunity to give a huge round of applause to Robert Redford: he created the Sundance Festival (and channel) and allowed many independant movies to be seen that would have never been seen if it was only for Hollywood. Thanks thanks thanks! Also to all the independant producers working their ass off to bring you movies like Monster's Ball or Requiem for a Dream.
As I always say: I love movies, any kind of movies, and I know lots of people think alike. Don't matter if you bring me Spiderman or Shock Corridor, but they should both get a shot at it, not just Hollywood big budget movies!
- What is it with the people nowadays? That habit to compile everything as percentage, counting everything, putting numbers on everything, stats they call it!! It's getting ridiculous at some point! Of course the media are very good at this game, not only during football, but for anything: "women saying they are too tired to have sex with their husband/boyfriend, 25%, women saying they put their work and children before sex and usually don't have time for sex, 25%, women saying they don't feel like sex 6 days out 7, 50%...", means 100% of women are not having sex!!! Ridiculous polls!
Where is the happy time (the sixties) where numbers were just used for "how much do I have in my pocket to buy that ice cream?!". You should not do this because stats should not do that because stats say..."Don't let your children ride their bike because they get not smoke it's bad for your health (couldn't resist bringing this one up!) not take a piss in the middle of the afternoon: men from Mars might show up...Basically, if you listen to stats, you're not doing anything anymore! Too risky! Stay home, don't move!!!
Our society has become one big number and the media are watching you!
You know what: fuck that! I don't care about their stupid numbers: I will smoke 10 packs of cigarette a day (fuck cancer), will eat these chocolate bars all day long (fuck diet), will ride my bicycle like in the good old days (fuck the helmet: how were they dong when they didn't get all these stats!?), will have sex 10 times a day with 10 different people (fuck bigotry) (but with a condom since HIV is still not cured and I do not want to die stupidly or give it to someone else!), will not watch TV 24H a day (fuck the media)...ENOUGH of their bullshit!
I told you (I think) all of that reminds me the movie "Network": sometimes I would like to open my window and yell: "Enough of that bullshit!". We should have a national day, and at a given hour, we would all open our windows and yell that!
Damn, at least, it feels good just to say it!!!
- Please do not buy any product that have been tested on animals. I know it was a big thing a while ago but everybody seems to forget and I see more and more products that the labs tested on animals: DO NOT BUY THEM!
Same token: do not buy these cans of anything (perfume, cleaner, shaving cream, anti-mosquitos, whatever...) if it's not safe for the ozone layer. It should be mentioned on the product you're buying! If it's not mentioned that it is safe, don't buy it.
One more thing: try to buy only products that have been recycled, especially when it comes to paper: they are destroying the rain forrest (and other forests actually), to make paper YOU are using. Destroying the rain forest is the most stupid and criminal thing on the planet: you destroy the eco system (plants, insects, animals...even people!), and if you didn't know, the rain forest is the lung of the earth. About 60% of our oxygen comes from the rain forest. So if you thought it only happens thousand miles away, one day you'll be singing another song! Lots of maker now use recycled paper: prefer the brand that does to the brand that doesn't!
- I have seen George Carlin, on stage, here in Las Vegas: he is fantastic! Denis Leary is still my favorite but George Carlin comes second! Well, not all people were laughing in the theater! His show was all about religion, red necks, and many things people don't like to hear. In Vegas, lots of people coming from states pretty big on religion or red neck!!! I did laugh a lot and appreciate his new show! If he comes to your city, don't miss it!
- I have to say I don't care much for the Olympics, but there is always one thing I don't miss: the female ice skater! I missed the whole story about the Canadian couple (I was working, what's new!?) but I must say she has a great ass! I don't know if she deserves gold, but her ass is really great to look at!!! LOL
I love to watch the single female ice skating competition: have you seen that Russian girl, Maria Butroskaia (sorry for the spelling), with her pink outfit and her pink little sexy panties!? Whew boy, I was all wet! I should really do a movie "on ice"! Lots (I say lots not all, because the one that are under 18 I don't even want to talk about it!) of these girls turned me on: cute ass, great legs, that little panties in their crotch, young and pretty... (I know, I am sick!)! Boy, it's way better than Playboy!!!
- I still receive email, time to time, asking me why I am doing this "degrading" job (usually the end of the message says that I will burn in hell!!!)! So to answer that question once for all, what's degrading about making other people's life happy!? I mean, think about it: how many guys/couples I have made happy, late at night (hee hee!), since I do that job!? LOTS!
- Yes, I am going to talk about TV again! But I watch something that pissed me off! That f* Paula Zhan again! I know, I know: I said I won't watch her show again, but I happened to be awake at the time and wanted to know about the weather (yeah, right!).
Ok, so she has that new show on CNN, with two other guy: one is ok (the oldest), the other one (blond faggy hair) is a stupid asshole! So they are talking about Figure Skating for the Olympics. And guess what they are saying? That bitch is basically saying that there is really a thin line between the female ice-skater and pornography! What the fuck!? (Pardon my French!). And the other blond jerk to add, looking at a picture of a skater doing a standing split: "Yeah it's really a gynecological shot!". And they go on and on with all their comments about outfits being too tight, too short...Their stupidity isn't really too short, I can tell you that!
You really have to be a twisted fuck to see these girls and couples ice-skating and think about shit like that (yeah I know...sorry I am just pissed!). They remind me the Mc Carthy/Edgard Hoover time. After communism, they take on pornography. Yeah right: let's begin with the skaters!!!
I knew bigotry was a big thing right now, but I think stupidity really has no limit. That Paula girl talking about pornography..How does she know about pornography? Probably the same kind of girl that goes to church and listen to the same bullshit about pornography, then at night, when nobody can recognize her, go rent a dirty movie!
Well I got news for you: so far there is no Adult Ice-Skating movie (I would do one just for you babe!)!! LOL!
- I Know: you pervert want to see more confession about my sex life and less about CNN (see below). Okay, we go: I like to get fingered on my G point while getting my pussy eaten. I have my best orgasms that way (maybe anal sex would compete, I don't know I do not have a orgasm detector scale!!!).
- You like it huh!? Keep your hands on the keyboard! LOL! More?...okay...
When I am on a regular porn set working for different companies, I usually have a lot of pleasure during the sex scene and sometimes (if the director is nice enough not to cut every 5 minutes) pretty violent orgasm with some partners (Ah I know you want names! You know I don't do that! Let's just say that one of them specialized in giving me orgasm and his last name would remind you a famous Tennis tornament! Heehee!). But I tell you what: since I do my own productions, and especially my Naughty Home Video Series (free publicity), I have pretty violent orgasms all the time! I should have begun to do my own movie a long time ago!!!
- Still reading? Oh well if you kept your hand on the keyboard you were able to scroll down! If not I guess you will do more reading next visit! LOL! So this one is for the guys that come to see me when I am on the road, stripping:
What I love when I am dancing in Clubs is that you guys can't touch me! It makes me VERY horny! And if one of you come to ask me a lap dance, it turns me on even more: you still can't touch me and I can do everything I want to get that stuff (!) in your pants as hard as possible! Great sensation! I even had people to cum in their pants after a few lap dance! Ask your girlfriend at home to do lap dance for you but respect the rules: you cannot touch. Then let her handle you the way she wants. Maybe she makes you wait the day after! Heehee!...
That was my column "Even women have fantasies!" LOL
- More TV comments (Boy, you gonna think I spend my time watching TV!!!):
Get rid of the mean Paula Zhan on CNN and let's have Daren Cagan back. Then maybe I watch CNN again! She is pretty, smiling, not agressive and she let her guest talk! In a word: educated! Get Paula Zhan as the Bush Administration Speaker!!! Or they need drill seargent in Afghanistan!
Something else that has nothing to do:
I was watching the Golden Globe and frankly I must say that one of the prettiest woman in Hollywood that is really unchanted both as an actress and a babe is Jennifer Connelly! She is Soooooooo pretty, so great. I am glad that she got a Golden Globe. I was also happy to see the following people receiving an Award: Kiefer Sutherland (great actor I love him! ;) , Sissy Spaceck, Robert Altman (Do I need to say he is one of the greatest director of all time!?), Tom Hanks and of course the divine, the beautiful, the talented, the sublime NICOLE KIDMAN!
I doubt I will be that happy for the Oscar, but we'll see!...
- I decided to stop watching CNN. Not the news: just CNN. It looks like a government TV channel. No objectivity, most of the interviewer are rude...I will try ABC, FOX and NBC for a change. But mostly, I will buy the New York Times and other serious paper!
- What's better than sex? You don't know!? I do: getting paid to have sex! Heehee!
- Las Vegas is a really cool city! Not as great as San Francisco or New York City, but I like to be able to have dinner at anytime of the night! And unlike Los Angeles where you go 20 miles before to find a movie theater or a restaurant, everything in Vegas is near by! I usually go to a movie at 1AM and then have dinner at 3AM! Awesome city (as long as you stay out of Casino gambling!)
- Do not subscribe to DirecTV DSL. These guys are friggin' thief! They keep billing you even though you cancel! You can try cancelling several time: they tell you yes it is cancel but they never do it. You will have to cancel your credit card in order for them to stop billing you!
Oh well, anyway, you already knew they were bad: look at the pricing of DirecTV satelite! Ridiculous! I wish I would be in Canada to do some testing (see a bit below!)! Heehee!
- I heard the most fucked up story on TV today: I didn't follow the whole thing, couldn't catch where it was, but one Wisconsin county has prohibited smoking ANYWHERE. Yup, anywhere meaning not even home. Well the law says that the smoke cannot cross your property line! Just imagine! Some people really have way too much time to spend not smoking! If I can find the name of the greatest stupidest lawmaker who made that law, I swear I will vote for him as the President of the Moron Club!
- How can you guys eat Peanut Butter and drink Root Beer!? It's really the most disgusting stuff there are! Yuk! I think only the British in Europe eat and drink these stuff! And as you probably know, one cannot tell the British are well known for their "cuisine"! LOL!
But when it comes to breakfast or tea time, they are unbeatable!
- How do I relax? I have a new hobby: Tai Chi. It's great for the body and for the mind (especially after the 9/11 events! Weird: I never thought about it before! 911...hum...strange! I should call CNN!). I strongly recommend it since it takes only 10 mins a day and is really efficient. Plus any lazzy ass (like me) can do it. Nothing complicated!
- I find that some interviewer on CNN are pretty rude to their guest. One of them is Paula Zhan. She is as pretty as she is rude! A lot!
Another one to be really rude is Greta whatever-her-name is! ...and she doesn't even have the excuse of being pretty!
- When I am depressed, I eat all the time, all day long! My husband would like to kill me: he says that just looking at what I eat makes him gain 10 pounds and that it's unfair I don't even gain one!!!
- Maybe it will surprise you not to find any comments about what happened on Tuesday September 11th, but as I already said on the "News" page of this site, it made me so sad that I really don't have anything to say. It's a horrible tragedy but I think it's pretty useless to go into any comments about war or punishment. It's obvious that the people who organized and executed these attacks are out of their minds. Now I would just like to comment on something I found truly amazing and stupid: the Airlines.
I cannot believe that the government give them 15 Billions dollars! I mean I understand that they need help but these guys are laying off tens of thousands of people and get rid of meals aboard their planes on most of their routes in the US. So they're actually going to make money/profit (it's not me that saying it but a US Senator) with that 15 Billions dollars bonus! Unbelievable! I would have understand if the governement would have given the money in exchange of the promise by these companies not to lay off any employees! But now, that! It's crazy to think these guys will make profit this way!
- I have watch CNN a lot recently (free publicity which cost me a lot since they belong to that crap thing AOL!): there are fire burning everywhere! :( It's really sad. I wanted to say that I admire the fire fighters so much! I gave items for free to auction (for fire fighters auction only!). It's just a little gesture to tell them how much I appreciate what they do everyday for us! I am always sad everytime I heard on TV that some of them died. So if you are a fire fighter and your company do these auction thing to raise some money every year, please email me and I will gladly send you stuff for your auctions (softcore of course) or even stuff for your fire fighter house (like autograph pictures). Of course, I already see some smart ass that will email me saying they are fire fighters, can I please get free stuff!! :) I will only send these materials to fire fighters companies, meaning if the address is not a fire fighters house (company) you won't get zip!!!
This being said: thank you guys, you're doing such an awesome job! If you know of any fire fighter organization site that takes donations, I will gladly put the link on my site!
- Hey, talking about burning...! I am going to give all smokers that visit my site the greatest link of all to buy cigarettes really cheap! It's free publicity! You know me I like to share my passions! Basically, this site is selling cartons of cigarettes for about 14 to 15 dollars (Camel, Marlboro, Winston, Rothmans...plenty of different brand!)! Yep! And free shipping! It works fine: I have been using it for more than a year! And it's safe: they are in Europe so do not report anything for taxes or stuff like that! And it's perfectly legal! So here is the link: Enjoy your cigarettes! (I can already pictures some of you that are strong non smokers! :))
- Look like my little post (below) about black & white inter-racial sex has some effect on several people: I have received advice by some people to remove it and softer advice that I shouldn't be doing that! I have one answer for these people: SCREW YOU!
I will do what I feel like doing! Sorry but I like sex too much to consider skin color as a "no can do". You have to be a real dumb ass to think that way! Good looking is good looking whether you're white, black, yellow or green (!). No what: you gonna ask their religion? Then what? If they are foreign? Voters? Smokers?
Skin color: Who fucking care (sorry I get pissed off!)! If you do, get the fuck out (sorry I am still pissed off!!) of my site/sight!
- The next guy who ask me what kind of work out I do to get such a six pack and a muscular body, I will kick his ass! That's my work out: kicking ass of people they do not read the FAQ or this page! Once for ever: I do not work out! I am a lazy French! I just dance in Clubs and have sex a lot is all (you know you can burn up to 800 calories having sex!). Better than any work out I am telling you!
- Today (09/04/01) I heard on the news that a guy broke into a bank in Indiana (if I remember well). I thought that was a pretty funny news (except for the hostage probably!): he asked for 2 Big Mac and a pack of cigarettes in exchange of two hostages before to surrender several hours later! He should have held up a Mac Donald with a Groceries Store near by!!
- After my second visit to Howard Stern, I have been receiving a lot of email on a very "taboo" subject: religion! So I just wanted to clarify something: I respect the belief of people. If they want to believe in God, it's their problem! Nothing wrong with this picture! I have a very high respect for people's belief even though theyare not mine, as they are tolerant with the people that do not share their belief!
Which bring me to the object of my visit on the Howard Stern Show: religious intolerance!
Stop sending me anonymous mail (or email sometimes, but I have to say that at least I can answer!) to tell me I will burn in hell! It's ok! It's worth a shot! If having sex with someone else than my husband is a sin, then I don't mind to burn in hell! One has to have fun!!! Fun is not a sin in my religion (freedom of opinion). If you don't want to see it then why do you come to visit my site and rent my tapes: nobody put a gun on your head and forced you! How do you know I do this and that kind of sin if you didn't watch? It's call "hypocrites"!
To finish once and for all, religion, whatever religion it is, was, is, and will be, responsible for million of death and wars. The attitude of the pope is ridiculous: he said that wearing condoms was not acceptable because you should only have sex with your spouse! Well I got news for him: it's 2001! If you would have sex only with your spouse, you wouldn't have sex very often (except if you have a great husband like mine! Free publicity!)! Ask all the people they are not married! AIDS is a reality. It's criminal to say to millions of people they should not wear condoms! Ridiculous, stupid. He better be in a retirement home.
I think that pretty much close the subject and do not wish to come back to it. I have no religion but if I had to chose one that will be more like a philosophy: Buddhism. They didn't kill anybody (that I know of). They are smart, tolerant and peacefull people. That's what I dig: tolerance and freedom!
- Something I always forget to mention:
I don't watch a lot of TV usually but when I am on the road and bored, I watch anything. Anything means that I sometimes take a look at these incredibly stupid Talk Shows. Stupid being the key word: I heard lots of my friend calling these shows several things: inhuman, vulgar, low, not decent, annoying, rude, obnoxious...that sort of thing! Well of course they are all that, but frankly, I don't blame the producers of these shows! If people are STUPID enough to come on TV knowing what's going to happen then "it does great TV" huh!? That's why I said stupid is the key word to all the human misery. I really feel sorry for these people but in a way they get what they were looking for. Of course the producer are bad motherf* but if they had nobody to come on their show there would be no show. Too bad when it comes to the famous 15 minutes of fame people loose all dignity! I have refused to do several of these shows where I was invited. They basically trap you and then, what are you gonna do? You're screwed! As Albert Finney said in the great movie "Network", first thing first: "Turn off your TV, go to the window and scream: we're not gonna take that shit anymore"! (it was more less what he says Rebecca's version!!! LOL).
- Ok, the new thing in Censorship. Stupid you'll see! The main Adult Companies (I won't give names!), and especially Adult Cables/Satellite companies (no no: no names! :), have decided by fear of the Republican Governement, to auto censor themselves! Yes, you read perfectly well! Was a time were people would go battle against censorship, fight the governement in court, etc. That time is long gone, even though some organization pretends to defend our rights to do Adult movies and other Adult stuff! No I won't say names (ends by coalition!!).
So they don't even wait that some stupid anti-porn law happens, they decided to censor themselves! Here is the main stuff: no more facial cum shot, no black guys fucking a white girl (black girls by white boys ok!)!!!?
At first I thought it was a joke, but no it isn't! So you can be a black girl and have sex with a nice white boy, but if you are a black guy, no more white cuties! How dumb and racist is that!? I wish there were a cable company owned by a black dude! What would he say!?
The cum shot: no more facial! Why? We like facial! Don't you! Reminds me yoghurts!!! They cannot be serious! Why can you pop on a wide open pussy and not in the mouth or on her beautiful eyes!? They didn't say blue eyes only, no black eyes at least!!! They probably consider the facial cum shot not being Republican enough! Ah dear Bill Clinton! Ask Monica! I am sure he didn't give a damn about the facial! Heehee!
Ok, you know me: I am always on the bridge against these stupid things! Especially racist things! I posted a message on my forum to hire 2 black dudes to do a serious nasty sex scene! Now, I write it here: I need two black studs and they will pop on my face! Screw the cable companies and all the other stupid ass that agreed to this censorship bullshit! It is not a law...yet! I like white and black, and asian and I will have sex with whoever I want, and they will come in my mouth if I like it! God damn it! I am pissed! If you are black and want to have sex with me, please email me right away! I will feature that scene for FREE on the site! Just to piss them off!
Sean Michael, Julian St Jox and Mr Marcus: I love you guys (the other I wish, but so far that's the only three black guys I had sex with!)
- I usually do not talk about politics or anything like that but something in California is pissing me off: they talk to us about how sorry they are, raising the rates of our electric bills (and boy, let me tell you: for a raise, it's certainly a raise! It doubled my bills!), that they will look for new providers out of state...the usual politician blah blah blah!
Guys, I have a very simple way to resolve this problem (and for the matter other problems in California, like water shortage!). Walk around at night in the cities. What do you see? All these stores, bright lights on, inside and outside. Who the fuck is doing his shopping at 3AM, for a car or a computer...etc...when these stores are closed!? This is ridiculous! Make them shut their lights down and you'll see: we won't have to pay for them! Businesses MUST turn off their lights at night. I am not talking about a complete black out. They can leave a little light in, but when I see, for example, car lots, in the middle of the night, you can see like daylight, it makes me mad!
Same for the water: you have all these people watering their lawns all year long, days and nights, no matter if it's raining or sun shine! Please guys, turn it off when it's not 90 degres outside! After that you complain that water is expensive! It's expensive alright if you keep your water running for your precious lawn all the time!
After that, GW (you know which one!) asks the American people: "Should we import energy from somewhere (? duh!) or are you prepair to economize energy?!" Gee, tough choice!!! Ok, charge me up the gazoo for energy, I like to spend more!! Instead of asking stupid question on TV, he should threaten businesses that turn this whole thing a big stupid comedy!
- Is it me or girls are going nuts the past 2 or 3 years with piercing and all that shit! First the tongue, then the belly, the nose, sometimes the the clit! Who in is right mind wants her clit pierced!!!? What next? A piece of metal in the asshole?
Do you guys really think it's erotic? Is it turning you on? Well, let me know...
- You want to have a good laugh? Buy the Dennis Leary CD "Lock and Load"! It's been a long time I wanted to tell you but always forget! You will have the best laugh in a long time! Of course, if you like D.Leary and his anger about cigarettes, beer and coffees, or stupid ass driving on the left lane!!! I love it!
- Free BAD publicity for Blockbuster: It's called a sting! Basically they tell you you can have 30 DVDs for 30 Days. Read the fine print!!! I asked the person who sold me the card if I could keep the DVD for as many days I wanted, she said yes, but then after 3 days they begin to charge me late fees!
How stupid is that? Whether I have the same DVD for 30 days or 30 DVDs every day shouldn't make any difference. Now they lied to their eyeballs to have you take the card we go: late fees!
So stay away from Blockbuster! Anyway I didn't like them before (no adult section), but now I am sure I don't like them at all!
- For all of you that want free satelite TV, and because I always do free publicity, I gladly recommend
Of course watching free satelite TV is highly illegal except if you are a dealer and I would never do such a thing!! :) But if you are in Canada or want to test some of their product in USA, that's the place to go!!
I have a friend (in Canada!! hee hee) that ordered their emu pack combo #1 and he has all the DTV channels for free! Time to get your old 486 cpu back from the dead!!
No no don't thank me, you are in the free section and everything is FREE!!
Of course if you insist, you can thank me and buy (buy, buy! See below) a subscription to the Member Section of my site or some stuff in my shopping mall!!! Yeeeehhhaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!
- My 2 cents on the so called "economy recession": if you watch TV day after day, the media keep telling you how bad the situation is! Result: people believe them and stop spending! That's very dumb, and anyway, do you always believe the media?? I don't! So my motto is and remains: I keep shopping like a mad girl! That's my 2 cents on how not to believe everything on TV and how to fight the so called recession. The more you buy the bettre the economy is the better your money will be! Logical huh!?
Of course I don't know the first thing about investments and economy and do not pretend giving you any economy lesson, it just seems logical! So BUY BUY BUY!!! Hee hee!
- Still looking for (silent) investors for a new company that would do both: Internet and Productions.
Of course I am talking about Adult stuff! Not Hair dressing!!
- Here is another thing that drives me crazy: people driving like turtle in the left lane of the highway!
I think it's dangerous because other drivers that want to go faster have to pass on the right. They shouldn't but hey, what would you do if an asshole is driving 50 miles/hour on the left lane in front of you?
I think they are selfish people and also veru stupid and dangerous. The worst are the kind to accelerate when you trying to pass on the right! What are they looking for? Trouble? Accident? If they don't like you to pass on the right, then just get the hell out of the left lane! It's suppose to be a passing lane, not a slow ass "I-am-staying-no-matter-what" lane!!! I think it's probably the same anti-smoking/anti-freedom stupid ass behind the wheel!!
Now, if you are in California and see a red Mustang behind you giving you sign to get out of the way, this is Mad Rebecca, the Sex Warrior! Do not even try to give me that shit to accelerate when I pass right: your car is not powerful enough for that game!! Hee hee! Just be nice and let the other people pass. get on the right!
(For some people they could misunderstand what I am saying: this is not an invitation to speed like a num nuts at 120m/h!! Speeding is dangerous also, especially if your car is not good at it and if you don't know what you're doing! Let's just say that this comment was to let go all that "angryness" and frustration that I have when I am behind a car and the driver won't move out of the left lane! That's all! And since we are talking about driving, please, do me a favor: don't drink then drive! It's the worst thing to do. I know I sound like Gran'Ma Rebecca but I have lost people I cared for because of stupid/dangerous drunk driver! As far as I am concern, you can drink as much as you want (yeah, even more than that!!!), just don't take your car afterwards!).
- I always forget about this one so for once that I think about it...
Do you watch CNN (free publicity)? I do sometimes! All that just to say that two of their female news commentators, Willow Bay, on Money Line CNN (in the afternoon around 3:30PM Pac. time), and Jacque Reid, on CNN Headline news (during the night), are really turning me on! They are very classy and beautiful women!
I know you guys fantasize on babes in movies, but you should check this two yummy gorgeous women out! (I have to say, I still masturbate even though I turned 28 recently!)
- You might have seen something like that in the news page! Well, I just would like to make it permanent: there are so many things to be done nowadays, all over the world. Some great people are working to help other people. They need YOU, your $$$ to buy food, water, medications...and other stuff for the poor people that suffer natural catastrophes (like that earthquake in India), or just next to you, here in the good old US of A! Please, donate as much as you can, even if it's very little. Be generous, other people need you. Just think for about 2 secondes: what if it was you? I know you cannot give for every single cause there is, but whenever you visit that page, it will be like a reminder! Try to go on their web sites and donate! Here is the link for the red cross: You can also visit this site to help people in USA:
- These commercial against tobacco are really pissing me off. Again, during the Superbowl, that guy on TV saying his wife died at age 46. The cigarettes killed her! Not a cancer or anything, the cigarettes! (that's exactly what he says!). I was pretty amazed: picture it, the cigarettes getting out of their pack, going to the garage, taking the house gun (when is it that we get commercial for guns control! Probably not politically very correct huh Mr Charlton Heston!?), loading it, and back in the house, tracking his poor wife running for her life! No luck, the cigarettes finally caught her and she gets killed by the cigarettes! (the story doesn't tell how many bullets though!). R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S!!!
Of course I am trying to make a joke out of it but I think it's pretty dramatic! My Gran'Pa smoked cigarettes and lived until he reached 98! Doesn't mean cigarettes are good for you!? Of course not! Someone really close to me died in a car accident and she didn't smoke!!! So one more time: leave us alone (the smokers) with your bilboard and your TV commercials! We like it that way. It's called freedom of choice.
Probably the same assholes they want to shut down Adult stuff!
- This is it! Finally...we are going to get bush and dick at the White House!!!
- When I got disappointed by someone, the only way to make it up to me is by giving me a nice gift! (a gift that works huh Thomas!)
- To end up any controversy about my smoking: YES, I smoke, and I like it! NO, I won't quite! (bbq, quite talking about it, it won't change anything!). Free publicity (one more time): I smoke Camel Special Filter.
- Something I hate above all: people that never shows up to appointment and do not even bother calling to apologize! You recognize yourself? Good, then I won't have to tell you!
- Well, I am not into politics, but I can tell you one thing that we have in common: the rubber!
To make holes!!! Hee hee! (I was, of course, talking about the Florida elections!)
- That's funny: when I was a kid, I was afraid of going to school because boys would chase me to see my panties. Now that I am a grown up, I am chasing boys to see what's in their panties!
- I have forgot a very important thing when I first did this page: the animals!
If you have any kind of ivory, anything like fur or whatever implicates killing (slaughtering I should say) of animals, please throw it away! It makes me so sad to see that poachers kill so many elephant for their ivory or Rhino for some jerk who believe that the powder of their thing on their nose will make them having the biggest hard on of all times...Same for the whales and dolphins, lions or gorilla, seals...the list is too long. Please, never buy anything like that, and even better: fight it!
I love that commercial where you see some "deLuxe" upscale women with their fur and you here a psssschhhh then you realize that someone has tagged their fur coat in the back with red paint!!! If I could do the same for all the animals killing I wouldn't hesitate one second!
- I like Comedy Club. I recently saw a great stand-up comedian, Jim Short, in SF. He is hilarious and if he is in your area and you want to have some great quality time, go see him. Free publicity as usual (his website is
- I bought a boat (duh!). I enjoy boating at Lake Berryessa, Lake Sonoma, Clear Lake and in the San Francisco Bay. If you live in Northern California and you sometimes go there during the week, you might see me tanning naked on the lake (what a tease!)! I hate to go on the week end: too many people!
- I just read that the New York State voted a thing to have the tobacco manufacturer making "self extincting cigarettes" or something like that! Basically, since there is people stupid enough to fall asleep with their cigarettes, like a 1000 per year in USA, they decided that now the cigarettes will have to stop burning after a while! That's one of the most stupidest thing I ever read! Of course, the anti-cigarette people pushed very hard for that law to be voted and they try to do the same with other states (like California is next!). They were already saying that cigarettes are sooooooo bad for your health, now they will have a very good reason to say so. Yeah, guess what: to have the cigarettes to stop burning after a while, they surely have to add some kind of chemicals! Boy, sometimes the world is getting so stupid! When are they going to vote a law to have "self bullshit-less politician"!!!
- I enjoyed very much shooting my new series "rebecca's Naughty Home Video #1". For the first time I feel free to do or say anything (and I did). To prevent the traditional question: "But I thought you worked only with condom...", there are no condoms because it's my husband fucking me (my ass, my mouth, my pussy...!). I have to say that I am very horny when we are shooting these videos because I have no limit!
- I hate Pacific Bell. The people who fucked up my DSL line order were rude and incompetent. They should keep sheeps. It's the only animal dumbest than they are! I cannot believe that this is one of the first Phone Company in USA: more than 4 weeks and I still do not have an appointment for my DSL line! They are worst than U-Haul!!
- I must confess: I really dig strippers! The whole thing with that chick from Alaska really turned me on. I wish I would get more strippers to come to me for their first Adult Experience! Strippers are so hot! You guys should tip them more, more, more...
- I find the "Talk Shows" on TV, really sad! How can you go get your private life shreded into pieces by some assholes? Their only goal is to make you look ridiculous. Of course, in these shows, Porn people are the worst on the planet! Better get a gun and kill people, I am sure it's way more respectable for these mean son of a bitch Tv stars! Porn is soooooo bad! Well, I hope one day, someone will ask them what would happen if the sex industry didn't exist? Imagine for a second no Adult Magazines, no Porn Movies, no hookers...Think about how many dangerous num nuts would walk our streets! So I say: BOYCOTT these talk shows!
- In the same registrer, I was looking at 2 shows on Playboy TV the other day. I am sorry to say that I feel really sad. No imagination, vulgarity, stupidity...No wonder why most of people have a very low opinion of our Industry! The shows were "Night Calls" (2 bimbos (and more) pretending being funny and erotic!), and "The whatever Cam" (I can't remember the exact title!). I don't say Playboy TV is bad, quite the opposite, but these 2 shows are so dumb and vulgar, I wonder who gets turned on by these?
- Well, I said I will do it, it's done! My first Home Video is now available. You'll get everything you have never seen in the XXX movies I have done before! Look at the Special page for June!
- I am a "night bird" (or a vampire if you prefere!) and wake up after noon (except if I must work).
- I drive a brand new red Ford Mustang GT 2000.
- I hate to eat endive!
- Yes it's true: I have done the Howard Stern Show without invitation. I just showed up!
- I have 4 dogs, Boxers, 2 male: Beavis and Leon, and 2 female: Lolita and Tartine.
- I watch between 4 and 12 movies a week (usually 2 at the movie theatre), depending of my schedule!
- I despise racism.
- I do not practice politic even though I have my own opinion, he he!
- I boycott the "Friday's" restaurant for their new policy to scan your ID at the door, even though they
know that you are more than 21 years old. It looks like "Big Brother is watching you"!
- I recycle all my cans, plastic bottles, newspapers...and I hope you do the same!
- I rarely wear any panties. Most of the one I wear go to my Fans!
- I must have sex at least once a day. Twice is better, but if I can't have it twice, I'll masturbate.
Anyway, I masturbate almost every day!
- Favorite food: a bloody Filet Mignon (from "Ruth Chris Steakhouse" for example), a tasty lobster, very fresh Sashimi,
French cheese (Tome de Savoie is one of my favorite), tomatoes (with buffalo mozarella)...
- I drink coffee in the morning, real one, with milk, no sugar, and you better not talk to me before I do!
- I have one sister, 4 years older.
- I love kids but do not want any (for the moment). I hate people they do not take care of their kids the right
way. If they can't, then don't have kids.
- My parents live in Paris, France.
- I get very horny when I do "phone sex". I also get very horny when I dance on stage in Clubs.
The fact that you guys are really turned on and cannot have me really turns me on!!
- I have 6 computers, 4 home and 2 at my office.
- I smoke an average of 15 to 25 cigarettes a day. The brand: Camel Special Light (free publicity!).
- I go to bed pretty late: usually after 3 am.
- I love Magic Mountains!
- I am a real lesbian. I mean I am bi-sexual, but I really dig girls! Not just in the biz, in every day life too!
I wish I would meet more lesbians. I have never been picked up by a chick,
- I own a 750 VFR Honda motorbike but only my husband rides it. I plan on learning how to drive it.
- I get very horny performing Lap Dances, but also a bit frustrated sometimes...If only I could get it after
4 or 5 lap dances, that would be soooooo good!
- I am very clumsy and break a lot of things!
- I love my husband, more than anything else in the whole world. I tell him everything.
- I hate California stupid Non Smoking Laws. I respect the non smoking people but I do not understand
why I cannot have the freedom of smoking, as long as I do not bother anyone, and why they can keep their
freedom of non smokers at the expense of the smokers! What's wrong with a smoking and non smoking sections
as long as there are good air conditioning systems and fans? I wish someone would do a Smoking Only
restaurant in Los Angeles!
- Yes it's true, a big one is better than a small one. No it's false, it's not because you get a big one that
you'll be a better fuck that someone with a small/medium one. It's how you use it that matters!
I was talking about cars of course!!! Duh!
- I do not believe in God, but why not?
- I would get a boob job if mine where falling apart. Right now, my body is 100% pure beef, entirely natural!
- I hate all the advertisement bullshit and bilboard about the cigarettes killing you! Most of them are stupids!
Let us smoke in peace and do what you want. I wish I could put up billboard on stupidity. That kills too!
- One of the thing I enjoy the most is to give head! I love to have the power of control, and feel men's pleasure
coming, step by step know, the big blow!
- I find the people having sex and not wearing any condoms, criminals (and very stupid). Of course this doesn't
apply to husband and wife, or boyfriends and girlfriends having a long lasting relationship. Please, protect yourself,
get some condoms. It doesn't take away women's pleasure, and considering that nowaday's condoms are so
thin and well done, it also doesn't take away men's pleasure (confirmed by male performers and friends!).
I recommend DUREX (free publicity).
- I almost believe in reincarnation. Why not?
- I do believe that there are other civilisations on other planets. It is impossible that we are alone. At least I hope
we aren't! So if you see a little green guys walking around with a hard on, please call my office!
- I lie only to make other people's life better (like every women!). Yeah right, says my hubby!
- I enjoy my job and private life. They both give me great pleasure.
- I love clothes and shoes. I would spend my time shopping if I could.
- Turn offs:
Bad breath
smelly feet
stinking people
rotten teeth
loud people
bragging men
bimbos (not necessary blonds!)
people digging stuff from their nose
arrogant people
pollution (of any kind)
serious people
small dicks pretending they have a big one
sticky hands
grabbing hands without invitation!
selfish people...
  - Turn ons:
nice, kind
generous (not only money speaking)
quiet and discrete
good education & maners
culture... men and women
people smelling good (like Chanel! Free Publicity)
polite people
sense of humor
big dicks not bragging having one!
caress (especially where it gives pleasure!)
sensual massages
eyes contact
dog people
- I don't watch TV.
- The first time I had sex, I was 17 years old.
- I love to read books and wish I had more time to do so.
- I hate mayonaise. Yak. Really hate it!
- I do not like to kiss except my husband.
- I hate people mistreating animals.
- I like adventure. Taking my car and drive wherever. I don't like to make plans.
- I dig Thaii food and eat Thaii (!) at least once a week.
- I hate stupid emails like"Hey babe, want to fuck me. I have 15 inches waiting for you!". If you want to turn
me on, that's certainly going to fail. How about writting me one of your fantasies? It can be dirty, just be creative!
- I hate men they whistle at me or talk to me like we just had sex! They're vulgar pigs!
- I did a "Low fat health food" commercial for French National TV. Funny huh!? I looked ridiculous and all my
friends made fun of me. Anyway, I hate low fat, fat free,...all that kind of food. I eat everything whether it suppose
to be good or bad for your body. That's the European way!
- I drink alcoholic beverages a little. I like Margartitas, 7&7, and white Russians.
- I find that "California Obsession" for the perfect body (Health food, Gym Club, Tanning...) completely ridiculous.
It doesn't matter how your body is (well, of course, to a point!), what matters is in your head!
If your purpose in life is to go to the gym and tanning and to eat healthy, stay away from me!
- I love to fire guns in a shooting range, but that's where every guns in USA should stay!
- I spray Vanilla stuff all over my house, like to burn Vanilla incense or candles.
- I wear Chanel #19 or Allure perfume and deodorant(free publicity!). My soap or shower gel, Chanel!
- I order most of my lingerie to Victoria Secret.
- I like to shop in Melrose. My favorites store are Red Balls and Ciabatino for the shoes. Playmates in Hollywood.
- I love to be on the road and meet my fans. I always like to learn what they like/dislike about me and this site!
- I ride horses. One of the best moment in life.
- I would love to have sex with: Ashley Judd, Charlize Theron, Angelina Jolie, Diane Lane, Laetitia,
Leonardo Di Caprio, Johnny Depp, Jack Nicholson, Brad Pitt, and Seymour Butts (plus some others!).
- I rent my DVDs at (free publicity!)
- I am not a big gambler but I love the slot machine with the little piggy!
- For me, breakfast is at noon, lite lunch at 5PM and dinner around 9 or 10PM (8PM if I didn't get lunch)
- I love to play Tekken (I have a Playstation, a Playstation 2, and a Sega Dreamcast).
- I have three lovely nieces.
- I think Greg Dark is one of the most talented director of the Adult Industry.
- I hate habits.
- No, porn actresses do not spend their life having multiple partners, doing big orgies, getting Gang Banged...
We lead a pretty normal life like any Jane Doe even if sometimes we do have outrageous sex as I described above!
- I forgot Howard Stern on my list of people I would love to fuck. He is very sexy (and clever, and fun...)!
- I buy my DVDs from (free publicity) or at Costco where I shop 3 times a week.
- My favorite movie theatre in L.A. is the Pacific Winnetka 21 (free publicity).
- I don't like to be yelled at.
- I get HIV tested every 3 weeks. even though I ask my partners to wear condoms.
- My favorite color is black. I hate pink.
- I would love to own a convertible Mercedes 500SL (who wouldn't!).
- BTW, my 2nd car is a Ford F150 truck, so I can fit all my doggies!
- My favorite music is Rock n'Roll. I love the Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Genessis, Supertramp, D.Bowie...
I know very classical! I also like Sting, Marilyn Manson, Cold Play, Linkin Park, Red Hot Chili Pepper, Smashing Pumpkins, NINH, Metallica, Nirvana, Collective Soul, The Clash, ...
I also listen to Classical Music (Mozart mainly) when I am to tense. Of course French music: Gainsbourg, Brel,
Les Rita Mitsouko, Bernard Lavillier, and some new stuff my sister sends me I don't remember the names!
- I had my driving license in 1998. One of the best moment in my practical life!
- I suck when it comes to practice sports!
- No I won't tell you my real name!
- I hate cold weather. One of the reason I came to California.
- Yes it's true, I do my site by myself (still learning!). I have 2 persons to help with the technical aspect!
- I love to go to the ocean at night to walk my dogs.
- I eat very often at the Cheese Cake Factory. It's good and very close to my house (also open late!)
- I sleep on the left side of the bed. Naked of course (but with a big quilt for the cold nights!)
- I never use air conditionning in my house. Makes me sick.
- I watch videos, laser dics or DVDs with closed captions to improve my poor English!
- I hate bargaining with the money. For short, I hate doing business. Unfortunately, no choice in this Industry!
- I went to Catholic School (I know, I can't believe it either, but it's true!)
- I have a diploma of a very important and highly rated Make Up school in Paris, France.
- I buy my DVDs from (free publicity) or at Costco where I shop 3 times a week.
- Most of the time, I eat dinner in restaurants. Tough to find the time for cooking home!
- My favorite book is "Lolita" from writer Nabokov.
- I have no favorite position (even tough I really like doggy) because I like them all if done properly!!
- I am always late!
- I hate receiving phone call and nobody talks on the other hand of the phone. If you had the guts to call me, at least
talk to me (who knows, it might turn me on!)
- I hate seeing people dying all over the world. It makes me very sad (another reason not to watch TV).
- I bite my fingernails when they are not manucured. So my husband always check they are!
- I don't like to be jostled (or have someone stepping on my feet!).
- I didn't speak a word of English when I first came to USA, six years ago.
- I dream about going to Australia one day (but they quarantine dogs, so no down under for me!)
- I do not like being on a Porn set for hours waiting to do my sex scenes. It wastes my pleasure! That's one of the
reason why I do my own movies. I can direct when and where I want, do no wait to have sex, and can choose with who
(actors/actresses) I am going to have sex with! Isn't it the best job in the world!
- My parents know what I do for a living. They don't approve.
- My husband is 12 years older than me. I was a virgin when I had sex with him for the first time.
- The best masturbation I can get begin with my fingers, continue with a pocket rocket, and end with a big soft dildo.
- I spend at least 2 hours in the bathroom every day. That's why I have a big bathroom!!
- I hate "hard" drugs. It's the worst thing in the world. But I like to smoke pot sometimes (before to sleep).
- I don't do pissing, rim jobs, animals, or all kind of weird shit.
- I don't like to have sex with another female porn star if she is not bi-sexual.
- Yes I do answer my emails (it shows! I am so late answering emails) and no, nobody else read them.
It's my site, my emails. No company is involved except to process the credit cards.
- I hate shopping for food. When I do, I shop at Ralph (free publicity).
- I never received an AVN nomination or Award. Frankly, I don't give a shit, but I find that pretty insulting!
- I did a music video with George Michael.
- I would love to work again for Pierre Woodman (one of the best), but he won't hire me since he hires only new girls!
- I answer all my mail myself and also take care of most of the shipping for my orders.
- I begun in the Adult Industry seven years and a half ago, in Paris, France. (05/30/00)
- I do not swallow sperm. Not that I don't like it (I do it with my husband, time to time), it's only for safety reasons (HIV).
- My favorite city in USA is New York.
- I was the first porn star to Tour Japan since Traci Lords.
- How did I chose my stage name, Rebecca Lord. Well first, I chose Rebecca with no last name. Work for 6 month in
Europe with just "Rebecca". After 6 month, I was working for a friend of mine, French Porn Director David Carroll,
and he loved Traci Lords. He asked me if I wouldn't mind if he put Rebecca Lord on his credits, and here we go, I kept it!
Since he is French and not good at spelling English names, he forgot the s at Lords. I kept it like that because I didn't want
to be named after such a huge Star, it would have been pretentious. So no, I didn't forget the s at Lord!
- I have fuck many guys in this Industry and I have to say that Mark Davis is really on the very top of my list!
- Yes it's true: 6 years ago, when I came to USA, I was stupid and naive enough to work without condoms for more than a year.
- I buy my photo and video equipment mostly from B&H in New York (free publicity).
- No I won't tell you how much I get paid for a sex scene. let's just say that I am pretty expensive!
But don't forget: you're still working at 40 or 50, we're out of a job!
- I do not play the lottery.
- I never answer mail or email from guys asking "how can I get in the Adult Industry".
- Yes my husband is ok with me being in the Porn Biz. "As long as I enjoy it" is his only condition.
He is not a talent or a director. The only thing he is involved with is my productions. He produces all my movies.
Other than that, he is a web site designer (mainly for non-adult sites) and a photographer working for European Mags.
- If the actor gets good wood and attitude and the director doesn't yell cut every minutes, yes I do have orgasms
on porn sets. I am one of these rare lucky women that climaxes vaginally, anally or clitorally.
- Asshole of the month: No name, he will recognize himself (huh Luke!). He needs to dig up shit on people and lies to sell his stuff.
It is people like him that gives bad reputation to the Adult Industry.
- I do not have any agent. Agents and pimps are the same.
- I do not workout. The only workout I know is to have sex. That's how I get the six pack (the dancing gigs help too!)
- I think that the Porn Award Shows (not just AVN) are ridiculous the way they are done. I refuse to climb on a stage,
thank my parents and accept the award for Best Anal of the year!! "Oh thank you thank you...I take it up the ass like nobody!"
No wonder why the regular industry is making fun of us! It's ok to reward performers, directors, writers (I'm being generous),
box cover designers,...but I just don't understand some stupid shit like "Best Anal", "Best non sex performance" (???)
"Best performer in a Group Scene" and other supid award like this! Frankly, if I would do an award show for our Industry,
I would probably reward best female and male performer, maybe best actress/actor (I think it is close to being pretentious),
best new cummers, cinematography, box design, you know stuff like that. Some people that need to be reward would be
the crew members and unfortunately there are no awards for them (working sometimes 20 hours per day!).
You know what, it gives me an idea: I am going to create the first internet award and they won't be politically correct.
There will be no cheating and the voters will be only you guys! Like the idea!?
- I never hear my cellular phone when it rings (in the bottom of my purse) which drive my friend and husband nuts!
- I would love to direct a gay movie (this one is for the Producers that come on my site! :)
- Even if sometimes I am stressed by my job, overall, I am a very happy camper!
- The Media are pissing me off. This is to end once for all my commentaries about "America's New War"!!!.
A parody if you prefer (I repeat a PARODY, a spoof! Not to be taken seriously!):
"The alarm clock rings 8 AM. I wake up, get out of bed to check my radiation/poison meter, make sure there was no lick through my metal curtains during the night! My detector do not indicate there is any danger. I go to the bathroom, check the toilet bowl for any mutant creature, then pee! Before my breakfast, it's time for my daily shot of multiple anti-biotic against Anthrax, Smallpox and others. I then go to my kitchen and put some water to boil for my tea. Of course I check the water first for any bacteria! Even though it's Evian. You never know! After my breakfast, shower. That special filter I bought a fortune is really efficient so I am not risking any kind of bacterial disease! 12 grands! You bet it's efficient! I get dressed (normal clothing, but a special isolation covering my entire body under my clothe, defending me against any bacteriological possible infection). Time to go to work. I checked my gas mask. Ok, I have my 25 different filters for it! One doesn't want to take any chances! I open the special door and penetrates into the decompression room. Oh did I forgot to tell you that I had a house built into the ground in case of nuclear attack? Takes me about 10 minutes to lock. You must be careful nowadays. I go to my car, check for any bomb underneath the car, open the engine compartment and check that everything is ok. No hidden bomb or anything. I can go now. It's not easy to drive with gas mask, especially if you want to drink any coffee or smoke a cigarette. Well, I should stop smoking anyway. You never know what they could put into the cigarettes. A good thing though: I cannot answer my cell phone anymore! So I got read of it (plus you know the radiation...!). This morning, I must take a plane! I have to. No choice. I wanted to take a bus, but they said it was not safer anyway. You never know: what if they crash the bus on the Malibu Beach! They could kill so many seals! Or in the Louisiana Bayou? Poor gators!
I arrive at the airport six hours early. I like to check every passengers in case they don't look really American. It makes me feel safer. Then I will go through the security check and will give autograph pictures to these guys they're doing such a great job: Making sure no one with a beard or looking middle-oriental will get onboard! They could scare the passengers. They should take the bus!
In the plane, I hear that there was a terrorist attack against Maco Donaldo in France. The fast food chain. Are the media sure it was a terrosrist attack, ask a passenger next to me? It sounds weird that someone would burn down Maco Donaldo and spills stinky French cheese in front of it! Oh well, maybe they will deny it in a day or two since they said it was not confirmed!? Weird, the Media almost always can't confirm?! Ah, better be safe than sorry! I should remind my secretary to go buy more food and water supply in case they attack the Maco Donaldo here in the US!
I finally arrived at the Club I am suppose to feature for the entire week. Closed!? What the ....Oh, they are watching TV! That's why they are closed! I understand now! We don't want to miss anything! Plus right now the Media are interviewing all the survivors they can find, out of the hospital. It makes good TV! Too bad they cannot access ground zero: we could have live pictures of the dead bodies. Just to remind us how happy we should be to be alive.
After 27 police road-blocks, on my way back to the airport, I think that finally, it might be a good thing to shut down all the porn sites and strip clubs in the US. It's not safe. Plus the Media are way too busy with any bit of terrorist information: nobody would blink if they would not respect individual freedom right now!
I am back home now, I can take off my gas mask. It's great for protection but not for make up. I rush in my living room to watch TV. I missed so many stuff on TV today! Oh a new commercial for Live Insurance. And this one is good even though you die from a terrorist attack! Cool! I should call them. You never know. Plus now that I am going to quit smoking I can be insured. Good against any terrorist event but not if you're a smoker. See, my decision to stop smoking was pretty wise.
A quick look at the stock exchange and financial news: they gave another 200 billions dollars to Airlines companies. More peanuts for meals when you fly they said. They even offer a billion dollars bonus if you layout more useless workers. Not good for the economy useless workers. Not good for share holders. Not good for profit! The CEO of Americanos Airlinos is going to make only 16 million dollars profit this year! Unacceptable! plus the useless workers that have been layout should be proud: they are real patriots! They help the Airlines Companies to maintain profit! They are good Americans.
What is that guy saying? "Small businesses need help"? Who cares? They are not helping the economy anyway. The global market doesn't care, so we shouldn't right? Billions of dollars should be distributed only to rich insurance companies, airlines companies and all these companies thay have been under attack and had to layout patriots (you know: communication companies, big retailers companies (like WallMartos)...etc). Even though they were not touched directly by the attack, they must show solidarity with the other companies. After all, it's their way to show their patriotism! The small businesses also should follow that example and not complain. Buy some US flag, it's good for the economy!
Tomorrow night, they show a special documentary on CCNN! It's about martyr people in Afghanistan. I only hope they keep interrupting these documentaries with new commercials. Because I feel so sad when I see these pictures that it releases the tension. Plus one always need a good life insurance or the new Bowflexo Gym to relax after these terrible images.
Before these attacks, we didn't know anything about these poor people's condition. We didn't really care. It was so far from us. But now we have come to realize that they also were under attack by the same people attacking the US. So we must show solidarity with them. At least as long as we are fighting evil there. After that I am sure other humanitarian will provide. We will have to go somewhere else to show how much we care.
Talking about caring, I heard a lot of people talking about prayers for the victims. Since I was out of town, I must have missed the part where several religious leaders (such as: catholic, protestant, jewish, muslims...) offer lots of money with their prayers! Did I also miss their proposal to help all the poor people victims directly or undirectly, by opening their churches, mosques, shelter them?
See what happens when you go away from your TV for an entire day! You miss so many intersting things (like tipycal interviews such as "where were you when the building collapsed? How did you get out?") . What would we do if we didn't have any TV? We wouldn't know about all these things that makes our life so miserable. I know, there are Newspapers! But they are too damn serious. Plus there are no commercials. Not enough information. And sometimes they ask the wrong questions (like on the individual freedom). So it's not good for the spirit of "America's New War". I rather stick to 24H non stop news on TV. At least I know everything. There was even a politic the other day that said on TV that the news know stuff that he doesn't even know yet! See! If he didn't have TV he wouldn't know!!!"
Well I hope you enjoy this Paranoia Parody! I did have fun writing it even though it pisses me off to see so many people glued in front of their TV! As the mayor of NY said: get out...enjoy the usual thing you do normally! Think for a second: do you really think in 6 month, a year, maybe two, there will be so much security all over United States? Nope! So then chances are that if any terrorist wants to do some damage, they'll wait! That was my optimistic minute!! Heehee!

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