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    Design a Rebecca Lord Wallpaper. Quite simple! Let the artist inside you express himself! LOL!
    The Wallpaper (or Desktop picture if you prefer) must be:
    1- Either CAT#1: 1024x768, CAT#2: 1152x864 or CAT#3: 1600x1200. You can compete in each category.
    2- 300 dpi
    3- Can be color or B&W, up to you.
    4- NO hardcore picture. Soft ONLY!
    5- When you send me your design, you must also send me, in the same email, a statement giving up all rights to the Wallpaper you created.
    You can work as much as you want with any pictures you find on MY site but all pictures remain exclusively the property of RLP LLC. These pictures are copyrighted and you cannot use them in any way, shape or form without my express consent.
    #1 get: Free 60 minutes Phone Sex with me! That is in each categories!
    #2 get: A Free Year Membership to my site. That is in each categories!
    #3 get: One month free Membership to my site. That is in each categories!
    To give you an example of what your design can be, look at those 2 links below:,422,0,0,angelina-jolie,260,0,0,gisele-bundchen
    If you need anything that can help your design, do not hesitate to email me!
    You have until May 15, 2007 to send me your designs. You can send as many design as you want and compete in all
    three categories (3 winners in each categories).


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