1- You must be over 21 years old to be able to apply to Club Rebecca.  
  2- As a Member of Club Rebecca, you acknowledge the following:  
You understand that the material you are requesting is of a sexually explicit nature and further, that requesting these materials will not violate any of your local community standards.  
You are not a member of any type of law enforcement, local, federal or postal and are not working in concert with same. You are requesting these materials for your own personal use.  
You will not display, under any circumstances, these materials to minors. No exceptions. RLP LLC will help law enforcement agencies to prosecute any violation.  
You cannot use, in any way, shape or form, any graphics, designs, icons, logos, pictures or any other material without prior permission from RLP. This site contains copyrighted materials (photos, images, animation, etc.) that are the exclusive property of Rebecca Lord Productions LLC.  
You will not reveal nor communicate, under any circumstances, Private & Personal email address, access codes, username & password, past or present, and any confidential information that might have been communicated to you as Private & Personal Information.  
You understand that your access is for your own & personal use ONLY. You cannot share this access (username & password) in any case. If you communicate your private & personal access to anyone, your Membership to Club Rebecca will be terminated immediately without any possibilities of reimbursement or compensation no matter how many days left to the end of your Membership.  
  3- Your access to Club Rebecca is good for one year and cannot be canceled during this one year period for a reimbursement or a partial reimbursement.  
  4- The Club Rebecca Membership is a recurring Membership. If you want to cancel the rebilling, you will have to apply at least 14 days in advance prior to the anniversary date.  
  5- Method of Payment:  
The Club Rebecca Membership will be billed to your credit card. Your statement will only show RLP, nothing else.  
  6- You will not receive any items that comes with the Club Rebecca membership before the payment has been made.  
  7- You must provide to Club Rebecca, a valid email address. Otherwise, your Club Rebecca access will not be enabled.  
  8- Once you have subscribed to Club Rebecca by accepting these rules and conditions, you will have no possibility of cancelation, reimbursement or partial reimbursement.  
  Now, you want to become a Member right now and begin to enjoy Club Rebecca's privileges without any further delays:  

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