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1. Are you really French?
Yes I am. I was born in Paris France and have been in the United States for more than 12 years now.
2. How did a nice girl like you find her way into the Adult Film Industry?
I found an advertisement in the Paris newspaper looking for a girl to be in an amateur video, I did it and liked it. One thing lead to another and HERE I am!
3. How do I get in the business, do I have to have a big dick?
Or if I'm a pretty girl?
Although size is important, functionality is the rule. Most men, outside of their ego, just can't do it. If you have to try, call World Modeling in Van Nuys, CA.
If you are a "pretty girl", email me a picture, I am always looking for new faces for my productions!
4. Do you really cum in your scenes?
Yes, most of the time. It's very easy when you only work with people you LIKE working with! It becomes difficult if the director yells "cut" every 2 minutes!
5. How much do Adult Film Stars make?
It depends on who they are and what they do. For me, it's a private issue.
6. Aren't you worried about AIDS, HIV and other STD's?
EVERYBODY should be worried about it! I only work with condoms (NO exceptions) and a current NEGATIVE DNA HIV test is a MUST!
7. What is your favorite movie you've made?
Actually there are many of them. My favorites are the one I directed of course: Pure Sex, Sensations 1 & 2, Rebecca Lord's World Tour and Unfaithful. I love to be behind the monitor and jump into any scene I want! Right now, the other ones that come to mind would be The Fantasy Chamber, Clockwork Orgy, NML17, Devil In Miss Jones 5. But I think that what I really like the most is my series, Rebecca's Naugthy Home Video. I had all the freedom to shoot whatever I wanted, so naturally I express myself way more than in any other movie! No boundaries!
8. What is it like on a movie set?
Most of the time it's just a bunch of naked girls, running around looking for someone to "play" with!
9. Who are your favorite people to work with?
That's not an easy question. I am very fortunate to work with alot of great people. To name a few:


Michael J. Coxx, Sean Michaels, Steven St. Croix, Mark Davis,
Randy West, Tony Tedeschi, Tom Byron, Jon Dough,
Peter North, Julian St. Jox, Vince Voyeur, Randy Spears...


Jenna Jameson, Asia Carerra, Jill Kelly, Julie Ashton, Missy, Janine,
Roxanne Hall, Kylie Ireland, Felecia, Inari vachs, Lea Martini, Temptress...
10. What does your husband think about what you do?
He is not involved in the business, well, not as an actor, but he is very supportive and proud of me. He respects what I do.
11. What is it like when you have sex at home?
It's at least ten times better than anything on tape. Even the neighbors complain!
12. What do you do when you're not working?
It's not very often but when I can get some time off, I like to ride horses, go to the theater to see movies, or spend some time taking care of my dogs. (3 Boxers)
13. What is your favorite position?
I don't really have a favorite one! I like them all! The most important for me, is that the position allows my partner to penetrate me real deep. I want to feel him. Doggy is good for this reason! I also like the Reverse Cow Girl, to sit on a hard dick and be in control!
14. Will you be dancing in my area, soon?
I don't know! Most of the time, my agent gives me my schedule one month in advance. To be sure not to miss me, touring your area, regularly check the "On the Road" page. It's all there!!
15. Do you do anal scenes? In which movies?
Yes, but very rarely! Anal sex for me is reserved for my private life. The best way you will see me in an anal scene is to order the video tape I did for my Fans, only available on my site (My First Anal)! It's not that I don't like it! I just don't feel like doing it all the time. Anal is a real pleasure to me and I don't want to waste it on a set! Recently (11/2002), I have done it again, inter-racial, this time! You can also check my "First DP"!
16. Can I get an autographed picture or a free tape?
No, there are enough pictures to download on the site, so please do not email me to get one! As for the free tape, you sure can get one if you subscribe to my Member Section. I have a subscription that includes a XXX tape! Otherwise, don't even think about it!!! If I had to send free tapes and photos to everyone asking, I'll be homeless in not ime! LOL
17. Have you ever done a DP (double penetration)?
Yep, for my site, once: it's called "My first DP"! Or only in my private life! I can tell you that it is great! I love it! Two men, just for me. I also enjoy to have another guy in my mouth, in the mean time. I have done it again recently (11/2002) but this time with a white and a black guy!
18. Have you ever done inter-racial scenes?
Yes, several with black actors I love, like Sean Michael or Mr Marcus (see my bio page for the list of movie). Also, two scenes in Japan with Japanese actors (but the movies are not released in the US). For me skin color don't matter as long as the guy have a big cohoona, a good look, and a nice attitude! Recently (2005), I have also done an inter-racial Double Penetration!
19. Are your tits natural? Do you workout?
Everything is 100% natural! No fake boobs or anything else. I wouldn't do it for all the gold in the world, except if my tits were damaged or falling to my bellybottom!!! I do not workout because I have no time. My workout is sex, everydays, sometimes several time a day! That's the best workout in the world. I also dance regularly and that beat any workout in the world! Anyway, I am too lazy to workout!!!
20. Are you gonna retire soon?
Not that I know of! :) As long as I enjoy what I do, there are no reasons for me to retire. I produce my own movies, I dance in strip Clubs, do Magazine Lay-outs, work for other productions, sign autographs in stores and conventions, and the rest of the time, I work to improve my site as much as I can. By the way, my site is not owned by anybody but me! I will retire the day I feel that I don't enjoy being in movies. Of course, I do not plan to stay forever either. I mean I think there are a lot of pretty new and young actresses and that someday, you have to stop (you became "too old for this shit"!).
21. What's your plan for the future?
When I retire, I want to open a bar and a restaurant. I hope that many fans will come to eat at my place! For the rest, I don't know? I'd like to stay in the US. I love that country, it's such a beautiful place. I cross USA four times, from West to East and back, and saw most of the States. My favorite states are Arizona, Maine, Colorado, Oregon, & Montana. Those states are incredibly beautiful. Of course, I love Northern California. And the City of New York! Remind me of Paris!
22. I want to know way more about you! How do I do that?
It's very simple: you can either come to see me when I am on the road, dancing, in your area, or in a convention. I do not have a big head and talk with everybody. You can also take a glimpse at my Confession page: that's where I say it all!

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