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Well, this is a very simple no fancy page! Every movie I've seen recently (Hollywood movies, that is!) I'll tell you how I feel about it!
This is my "cooling down" page: I can say anything I want, whether you share my taste or not! Maybe you won't like it, but I need to relax and even if it's not adult related, I am sure some of you will enjoy it!! (sorry for the bad English, the grammar and the spelling!)
As you can see, now it's 1 to 20 on my Rebecca scale for each movie!!! It's easier and fairer than stars (see past years)! I now integrate movie I see on DVD as well. So if sometimes you are like "what's that? Not at the theater?", it must be on DVD! LOL!


12/20ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICOYou bet I was not gonna miss this one: Johnny Depp and Antonio Banderas!!! I loved El Mariachi and Desperado and was looking forward to this third chapter! I was fairly disappointed. It's fun to watch alright, but it didn't have the "body" of the first two! I thought the script was pretty poor and even sometimes confusing. A little bit too much! Too "bely bottom" oriented if you see what I mean! "Look at my movie, I know how to do that kind of stuff"!!!
Although the actors are great (nothing new here!), a better story was needed. And Selma Hayek too! I was so disappointed you don't see her very much (once again, trailers lie! She's all over it!). She is such a babe! I was drooling in advance! :(
Anyway, not a bad movie but not as good as Desperado for sure! Still, it has the Rodriguez touch all over (even in the music!) and just that is worth a visit to the movie theater!!!

In the pure tradition of "Gunfight at O.K. corral", this new Kevin Kostner western rules! No matter what the critics said (they hated "Dances with woolves" those dumb asses!), it's a really cool movie. Very ecological, as most of K.Kostner movies, very simple and efficient. Robert Duvall is awesome as usual. The beautiful Annette Benning is a nice "plus"! Has a humanistic/sincere touch I loved. Kevin Kostner did a great job: the cinematography/photo is superb. One critic called it simplistic: so be it! That's what a good western should be. The bad guys, the good guys. Built in tension, end by a gun fight! If you don't like calssical western, then don't go. But if you do, this movie is surely for you. The only bad thing is that it's a bit too long sometimes. 15 to 20 mins too long. Other than that, good job and hope to see more Kevin Kostner movies whether it's directing or acting. Go see it, you'll have a great time.

Once again, in my opinion, the movie failed to deliver an intelligent plot that would allow Miss Jolie to show that she is not just a pretty face that can't act! Too bad, they had plenty of opportunity. Okay the movie has more action, more stunts (cool ones actually), is faster and yes it's a better movie than the first one! Still, with a good director like Jan de Bont (Speed, Twister) it should have been way better. I think he just directed it as the studio wanted than put his own mark on the movie!
Now, after saying that, the only thing I can tell you is: "Who cares"!!! Hehee! There is Angelina Jolie and it is enough to get all the horny males (and me) to the theater! Yep, true! Doesn't make it a good movie but mama mia, is she something in that silver suit!! She is hotter than in the first one! Hey, maybe if they make a number three we will see her naked again! Wouldn't you like that!? I know you would! I would! You know me: I love men, have a slight preference for men when it comes to sex. Now with Angelina, that tiny preference will just fly! LOL!
So basically, I didn't care about the movie! Yes I confess. I didn't really follow the story and would not be able to tell you about it! I was there just to see Angelina. I did. I am happy! So if you are a true Angelina fan, run Forrest run: your theater might still be open!!

Another big blockbuster of the summer but for me the expected sequel to Bad Boys! I was worried about Michael Bay! His recent work was not that great! I loved the first Bad Boys and I loved this one too! Martin Lawrence crack me up. I am glad he has as much screen presence than Will Smith. He is hilarious! Will Smith in another hand is cool but the only thing I didn't like is that he is borderline "feminine"! You know, it's like Roger Moore in James Bond! Not man enough!!!
No matter what, I got what I paid for: great action, great lines, great Martin Lawrence, great director, and cherry on the cake, a new babe: Gabrielle Union! I know she is not new to the big screen but in this Bad Boys, ouh la la! Hot! Very hot! Bathing suit or just in suit, she is A babe!
Don't listen to the critics that always find the movie too long, too this or not enough that! It's a nice moment at the movies is all! Sure it won't win an Oscar! But who cares! I heard some people saying that there was too much F word, too much cursing! Fuck them! LOL! Seriously, it's a Bad Boys movie so what do you expect? Shakespeare? Come on!
One of the best car chase I have seen in a while, lots of cool explosion and one of the best duo in the US movie history! We want more and if the critics don't like it, we love it!
Go see them Bad Boys, you'll have a great time! Martin, love you man! LOL!

Another big blockbuster for the summer! I am always curious to see at what sauce they will it the poor moviegoers each summer!?!! Well, the only reasons I had to go, was Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush. Two of my favorite actors. For the rest, I was not expecting anything fancy! I was wrong: really cool movie. Except maybe for young children, anybody can go and have some fun. Johnny Depp is out of that world! What a class actor! He can play ANYTHING! And he is ssssso sexy! And he likes French girls! LOL! He has married one! Maybe one day in Paris...Okay okay...just dreamin'...
Anyway, G.Rush is also fantastic! Nothing new here! He is not sexy for sure but I was surprised to see him in a movie like this!
The chick is cute (even though she won't win an award for her acting!), but not cute enough to make me look at anybody else but Johnny Depp!! Great action, great cinematography, cool lines, sense of humor...a colorful cocktail that makes a movie entertaining! The kind of movie you don't have to think about anything else but just having fun!
You won't regret the few bucks it cost you!! Go see it!

He's back! So was I!!! You bet I was not gonna miss Schwarzy in his best character!
Very entertaining movie. I know there was a lot of controversy about the fact that the movie was not directed by James Cameron, didn't have Edward Furlong (I wish he was in the movie), or Linda Hamilton. You know what? Didn't matter to me! I didn't like Titanic (as you know! LOL!) so I was actually kind of hoping we wouldn't have Cameron directing another Hamilton love story!! Hehee! I didn't care much for a character since I thought she was doing a bit too much overacting in T2!
Except for Ed Furlong, I really didn't care, especially knowing Claire Dane was in the movie. I really like her very much. She is one of the unchanted actresses! She delivers a modest but efficient performance in T3. Hope we'll see her again in T4...
The Terminatrix is yummy!!! She should be a TerminatriXXX!! LOL! Boy, is she sexy! She played the character perfectly well. It looks like she was made for it! Bring her back in T4!! Encore!!!
Arnold is THE Terminator. Period. He will always be. Nobody can replace him. He has the Terminator "aura". He has never been cooler in any other character. So once again, he delivers! I thought it will all be special effect after special effect and I was pleasantly surprised it was not. Great action where the CGI are put where they belong! Good director, whatever James Cameron purist will say! The movie has some funny moment and some cool line. Of course it's a franchise so you cannot except the movie to be as great as number 1. Still, a very good moment at the theater! Go see it!!!

14/20VOLCANO HIGH (dvd)
No, don't look for it on the screen! I don't think it ever hits the US in theaters!? Anyway, I bought that DVD from Ebay. It's a Korean DVD and if you are a Matrix fan (I mean the way the movie is done), you will certainly enjoy this kick ass movie.
I had a fantastic time! The movie take place in a Korean College where students from different "Clubs" (you know like Kappa, Alpha...never remember the English word for it!?), compete pretty violently to get a Magic Book that would give them the ultimate power...until a new student arrives!
I know, nothing really new and excititng in the story, but trust me, the action is absolutely awsome. You never seen a movie like this before! It puts the Matrix action fights to the rank of "ok/ so so"! The effects are out of that world and the choregraphy of the fight is fabulous. Even if you are not a big fan of Asian action movies you will like the movie (of course if you like Matrix type of movies!). It's never boring, has lots of funny moments and certainly one of the best fighting/special effects movie I ever seen (if not the best!)! Rent it (but your Blockbuster probably don't have it!?), and if you are a HK movie fan, buy it, you won't regret (Ebay, about $12 to $14 -- even though I hate to do free publicity for jerks like Ebay)!

When the first one came out I told you I liked it very much! Well, I am telling you the same right now! LOL! It's a nice piece of entertainment, really! Of course, don't expect a real plot/story: it's just a gigantic video clip to the glory of the 3 angels! In fact, like on MTV where most of the clip show skin, I wanted to see some "Angels 'skin"!! Hey, you can't blame me! I'll buy it on DVD and in the darkness of my living room, while everybody is sleeping, I'll watch the movie with one hand! LOL!
Cameron Diaz is gorgeous and funny (although I think they didn't need to make her a bit silly sometimes), Drew Barrymore is sexy and kick for Lucy Liu, Mama Mia!!! I felt really hot for a while, especially in that scene, in the strip club when she does the "whip dance"! It's really really hot! A must have on DVD to see over and over! As for Miss Demi Moore, I rather not describe what I feel when I see her on the screen: it's rated X!!!
The movie by itself? Nothing great, nothing bad. Lots of action sequence, one after the other, some funny moment, some bad CGI (weird for a big budget movie?), and frankly I wonder why they put the excelent stand up comedian as Bosley!? He really is funny as a stan up, but in my opinion, the movie needed someone else! Oh well, it's not big deal! If there is only front rows for T3, go see this nice summer flick! Worth your bucks!!!

15/2028 DAYS LATER
Screw the critics! I loved it! Danny Boyle did a fantastic job with this movie! Well, so far everything I saw form this English director has been brilliant! Maybe not commercially speaking but in my opinion he is really one of the most talent director there is today! And he takes on movies that are so differents (Trainspotting, A life less Ordinary, The Beach)! 4 Thumb ups for Danny Boyle! LOL!
The choice of the main character is great! That guy has so much intensity. I hope he will have a long career! The way the movie is filmed (probably in video mixed with something!? Dunno!?) is very clever. It accentuates the atmosphere of the movie. Camera works is awesome!
If you think you will see a horror movie, think again! It's not just that! There is much more to it. It's much more chilling than horrible in a sense. The reflection of our society is really scary. Human nature! Large subject!
I know D.Boyle is a Fan of Night of the Living Dead, but I think he brought his touch to this Zombie story like he has done in all of his movie. He is really gifted to take a simple story and make it frightning in all aspect. If you have never scene his movie Shallow Grave (the best of all for me), rent it! Even better, buy it on DVD! Talking about human nature! You'll see!
I truly enjoy the choice of actors. I should get the DVD of this 28 days later soon so I might actually raise this 15 to something higher! Right now, nothing better on the screen anyway! Go, GO!

Not bad! Actually pretty good! I was expecting much worst! I should have figured that since Ang Lee was the director (Crounching Tiger) it would be better than expected. And it was!
I will offer a lifetime membership to anybody that can get me into Jennifer Connely's bed! LOL! Boy isn't she gorgeous! As much talent than beauty!
Anyway...the movie was really well choregraphed, as the comic book! The cinematography is fantastic and if you look carefully there are several discreet tribute to classical movies (like King Kong). It's way more esthetical than I was expecting. I know, it's still lots of CGI and action but hey, I had a great time just watching Ang Lee magic!
Never seen the guy that play Bruce Banner before but I think he was a great choice. Now, Nick Nolte is fabulous as usual! That voice! I could regognize it anywhere. Certainly one of the best US actor. I wish we would see him in more movies.
I know Hulk doesn't say the tradityional "Hulk smash" but even though (as you know already) I am not a big Marvel Fan, I have read that it respects the comic book pretty much! Overall, it's a very well filmed movie with strong moment! Go see it!

Have you ever seen a bad moie with Ed Norton? (well, hum...yes one!) It is a tough thing to find! Now, add Charlize Theron and it becomes even more difficult! of my top 5 babes! Not only yummy but talented! You know very often fans ask me if I would like to do regular movies and I always answer no, since I am not an actress and my ego is not that big! But damn, when I see Charlize, I wish I could be on a real movie set. Not acting, but cleaning her trailer and whatnot!!! :))
Anyway...awesome movie. Wish they would do more like this one. The director usually does pretty good movie (like Set it off) but this time he did more than a good job! It reminds me a bit of John Frankenheimer: great stunts, non stop action, simple but efficient plot, great choice of actors...even though I am not a big Mark Wahlberg fan. I would have chosen someone else but he did a good job! Too bad Donald Sutherland doesn't have a bigger role in the movie. I like him so much. The Napster stuff is hilarious. Yes, great dialogs, I forget that!
If you want to see a movie where you won't be bored one second, with a sexy babe and cool stunts, you can't find any better right now!

As you probably know already if you read my review of the X-Men 1, I am not that familiar with Marvel characters. So I got a little help from my hubby (he is a real Marvel fan!). Basically, even though they re-arranged the original X-men, it still make sense and they kept the story of each mutant. I liked the first one very much and for once, this sequel also kick ass! I really had a great time, especially watching super babe Halle Berry!!! Oh biy, do I wish...but it's another story!! :)
Not so many special effect, or at least they were used to serve the story. The actors are really into their characters, the rythm of the movie is very good, the photography awesome (but it's nothing new with director Bryan Singer -- The Usual Suspects)...all the ingredients to make that sequel even better than the original. I just regret we don't see enough of Iceberg (one of the original X-men). Ian McKellen is phenomenal as usual. Boy, two trilogy for him: this one and Lord of the Rings! Great work! Fantastic actor, lot of charisma.
Great action, great acting, great action movie! I know, you wonder why I didn't gave him more than 14 then!! Well, it's just an action movie folks, but a really good one! Go see it and bring your girlfriend (I am sure she has something for Hughes Jackman or...Halle Berry!!! Hehee!

I don't know if it has reloaded, but surely the story/plot hasn't! It's special effect after special effect! Of course they are fabulous, but once agian, where is the story? I heard it was a transition movie before the next "Matrix Revolution"! Hope so! It's too long! Too slow when they are not 2000 special effects per frame! Lots of blah blah about the "One" and what he is suppose to be...ennoying! I regret the first Matrix...was WAY better!
Some good things though: the Albinos Twins are fantastic! Great sequence. Proof that you can use special effects to enhance a sequence, not the opposite! Also the gorgeous and sexy Monica Bellucci. She is number one female performer in Europe, no wonder why: "Hey Babe!!!"! Yummy! That dress...I still have goose pumps!
The other good surprise is kick ass Jada Pinket Smith! She is so cute and pretty and has so much energy. I surely hope we will see more of her in the next episode!
The best part of that sequel is "Agent Smith" (Hugo Weaving). He kicks ass! He is great! Hey, don't get me wrong: it's not a bad movie! I just wish they would have taken all the ennoying existential blah blah and the "too long of a" love story between K.Reeves and Carry Ann Moss, then it would have been way better. Little less special effect and more stunts, although some are breath taking! Go see it just before Matrix Revolution (in November) then maybe it will make a bit more sense!

Very good surprise! I was not expecting such a good movie. The beginning of the movie is bretah taking. I was shocked! Never seen any movie from that director but I surely will. I don't understand why we don't see Jason Patrick more often, at least in that kind of character. He is brilliant in this movie. Very sober way to play the role, very efficient. Pacino didn't do a better job in Serpico (even though the story was way different)! Add Ray Liotta at his best and you get a really good movie. The story works incredibly well. I was very impressed.
Fantastic photography. Lots of people have said that Traffic was great and I agree so if you liked the way Traffic was filmed, you will like this movie as well. It is not an action movie, although it's far from being slow and even though there are some very quck sequence. But it's more like "dramatic moments" than "action moments"! Maybe I don't make sense! He hee! If you see the movie I am sure you'll understand what I am saying. Not to recommend to sensitive people: it's fairly violent. Although it's not violent for the pleasure of being violent but because it serves the story. A pretty depressing movie but a great job! Two thumbs up they say!!! Rent it if you missed it at the theater (like I did, shame on me!)

Another movie I will surely integrate in my Top 50! I knew Roman Polanski was very talented, but these last year, he has done nothing tremendous. Good, but not great! With this "Pianist", he came back to the rank he deserved: one of the best director on the planet!
I don't care about the man's controversy since I don't know what's true or not. He just directed a beautiful movie. You can argue that sometimes there are stuff that are not necessary to the movie, but I just think he did a great job at telling a story, with no complaisance, no voyeurism. He didn't try to make it a piece of art. Just telling a horrific story.
Lots of movie have been done on WWII, the Holocaust, concentration camps, etc. Lots of great movie also (Schindler List would be my top choice). So it was not easy to do another one and that's why I think he made a beautiful movie. He did a different movie, with calm, authority, no judgment. With passion.
It is a very sad, brutal and passionate. Lots of shocking details but the camera never really stop on them. That's why I said he didn't fall into cliches. Still, very strong images, beautifuly filmed by a great artist.
Adrian Brody, the pianist, is incredible. He has that intensity in his eyes. No need for any dialog. Everything goes through his eyes. The movie carries a huge impact through Adrian Brody's eyes. It's probably drier than Schindler List, certainly more brutal, but in the end, it's also a masterpiece. Please, go see it!

Well, if you want something intelectual, or some kind of nice plot, this movie isn't for you!!! LOL! Now if you want some non stop action, breathless stunt, or awesome fights, you will surely be happy! What else can you expect from JET LI in a US production? :)
So I went and got what I expected: cool fights and action sequences! Very well filmed and choregraphed. I love Jet Li's movies anyway! I know, it doesn't sound like me but it's my movie relaxation. Plus he did so may great Chinese movies: I love Chinese and Hong Kong movies! I actually prefer him in Chinese movies (if you have the chance to see his latest movie, Hero, don't hesitate! Fabulous!).
Now, there is also DMX! I don't care much for his music, although it's not bad, but he is damn sexy!!! He has incredible eyes...Okay I know, you don't care! Just the chicks!!!
Well, it might not be a real clever movie, but it was surely a lot of fun! Go see the movie, you'll have a great time!

I must say that if I decided to give it a 14 it's not for the quality of the movie but for the quality of the actors. The director is usally a good/ok director but nothing fancy in his filmography!! So if I gave it a 14, it's of course for Al Pacino and Colin Farrell. Well, we all know about the great Al Pacino, so nothing really new here: put him in any turkey and he will still be one of the greatest actor ever! Now, Colin Farrell! As far as I remember, I didn't see one bad movie with him (you can correct me if I am wrong). I would say that his badest movie was that war movie with Bruce Willis, but even then, he was so good that the movie ended up being way better than it should have been. He is probably the fastest growing talent in Holywood right now, and there is a very good reason to that: he is (excuse my French!) FUCKING AWESOME!
The whole movie is built between him and Pacino. take this two guys out, and you'll see that the movie isn't that great anymore! I mean the whole idea of the movie was a good idea, but it turned out to be just another Holywood spy movie!
A simple reason then to go see it: "You went for Al Pacino, you stayed for Colin Farrell"!!! (and of course, Mr Pacino is still one of the very best!!!). Which brings me to: what's wrong with Hollywood today? They have all these great actors and actresses, new and old (sorry Al!), and they keep putting them in weak movies (at some exception -- see David Gale below). Where is the good old time when you would have the great actors and also the great script?

Fan of Kurt Russel, you don't want to miss this movie! I said "fan" because I don't think the movie is that great! I mean don't get me wrong, it's not a bad movie at all. I just think that could be a way better! For example: more Ving Rhames! His character needed to be developed way more! I was a bit disappointed because I thought Ron Shelton, the director would do a better job. I liked "play it to the Bone" even though it was not a great movie, and I really liked "White Men can't jump!". I guess he had the traditional Hollywood pressure and couldn't do what he wanted!?
Anyway...Kurt Russel is good as usual, still has that tremendous charisma, but the script is really weak: seen that, been there...I wish they would have offered him a better story, or tell the story a different way!
If you saw all the big nice movies and didn't see this one, still worth your time!

I would say that in these recent years, we didn't hear or saw much from Alan Parker. A bummer considering his past movies! So it's with a lot of interest that I went and see this movie. The fact that there is one of my favorite actor, Kevin Spacey, in the movie was another reason I wouldn't miss it!
I was so right (but am I not always right!? LOL!)!!! The movie is brilliant. The actors are brilliant. The script is brilliant. The cinematography is brilliant. What else is there to say?
Alan Parker made Mississipi Burning several years ago and I thought it was one of the best, if not the best, movie made on racism. Now, with this "Life of David Gale", he probably made one of the best, if not the best, movie about the death penalty.
If you don't just rush to see that movie, you will be missing surely what I consider the best movie of the year so far! Surely will end up in my Top 50 (or better). I wish there would be more movies made like this one. It's interesting, passionate, keeps you on the edge, incredible actors (all of them),...and tremendously directed. 40 thumbs up for Alan Parker and Kevin Spacey! GO SEE IT NOW!

You probably already heard that the movie was kind of boring! It's half true! I mean, it's tough to say it is boring, just because I think it's a really nice movie. Let's just say it's a bit long sometimes. Now, all three actresses are fantastic! To have the courage to be ugly in a movie when you are a babe in real life take some guts: so tremendous ovation to Nicole Kidman. I still think she deserved an award last year, but I am not sure she should be nominated for best actress this year! Supporting actress would have been more accurate! Now Julian Moore surely deserve a nomination for best actress this year! She is fabulous (and gorgeous) in this movie. So is Meryl Streep evven though I usually don't like her that much.
These three actresses deserve "an ensemble cast award"! Too bad it doesn't exist for the Oscars! LOL!
I rarely seen so much talent gathered in one movie. So even though you might think the movie is a bit boring (only several times, I am telling you!), you should see it for these incredible actresses!
As for the script, yes, you will probably end up depressed after seeing the movie! It would be tough to go into any explanation though, so I let you being your own judge. Oh one more thing: Ed Harris is still one of the biggest unchanted actor of our time! He was not cast for a big character in this movie but he surely is AWESOME! When is it that Hollywood will give him the role of his life!? Fabulous Ed Harris!

About Nicholson should be the movie title! LOL! Whatever you put him in it tuens great! Not that the movie is great but if you took Nicholson out of the movie you would end up with a 5/20 not a 12!!! Basically, the script is nothing new, even though some little things here and there make it better (like Ndugu!). The director didn't do a tremendous job! Honnest let's call it! But if you take Jack Nicholson out of the movie and you replace him with...let's say...Tom Cruise? LOL! No seriously if you would have put an okay actor instead of Jack, you would end up with a mediocre movie. He carries the movie from the first minute to the last! The other actors are not bad (especially Delmot Mulroney) but frankly the movie is a little boring sometimes! It's like "come on, move on..." kind of movie! Still, since they didn't replace Nicholson by Tom Cruise, it remains a nice moment to spend at the theater! Nicholson surely deserve another award, but hey, he deserve one almost every year!! LOL!

14/20THE 25TH HOUR
At the exception of one or two of his movies, I do not like Spike Lee very much! Now I do like Edward Norton a lot! One of the very best, and quite frankly, except for "Death to Smoochie" I didn't see any bad movie with him! So I put my pride in my pocket and went, thinking "ah well, if the movie sucks at least I will see Ed Norton!".
I have seen WAY better than that! Incredible performanbce by E.Norton and Philip Seymour Hoffman. Great performance by Barry Pepper! Spike Lee signed his best movie (in my opinion). I think I will wait the DVD to see if I classify it in my Top 50! Well shot, great and unusual script, never boring, never complaisant or voyeur. Sober. No overacting! Very moving! Not to be seen if you are depressed though! Spike Lee hurts, Big Apple is in pain...fantastic movie!
It doesn't matter that some people said it was not coherent, or it was self important...some people will surely be irritated by some visuals! Still, I do not think it's confusing and each character is very well thought and they are all bound together even though it's by difference! Tough to explain such a complex story, sorry if I don't make much sense!
P.Seymour Hoffman proves once more than he deserves a lead in a great movie! I wish that day will come! As for Edward Norton, no need to say he is probably the most gifted talent of these past 5 years! Go see this movie, then maybe you will think "rebecca lost it" or maybe you will agree! It's going to be one or the other!!! :)

How long has it been since Martin Scorcese made a movie? Frankly, I don't remember! But surely WAY too long! Plus the movie was suppose to be released last Xmas and they postponed it to re-shoot some sequence and went back to editing! I was so happy that I can finally see it! Too bad they cut so many things out of it! Have to wait the DVD to be able to see the final cut! Stupid producers! I though J.Cameron proved that a long movie can be VERY succesful! I guess people forgot!
Oh well, for now, I am okay with that version! Daniel Day Lewis is GREAT! I didn't see the Nicholson movie yet, but so far DDLewis is my choice for the best actor award this year! Tremendous performance! Of course Caprio is great also but D.D.L steal the show! I would have liked a bit more Liam Neeson but hey, I am alsways unsatisfied! Cameron Diaz is pretty good too! Well everybody is good in this movie! Martin Scorcese, once again, did a sublime movie, with a fantastic cinematography, incredible decors and costumes and prove that you can have action and a great script without going stupid!
You cannot miss this movie or shame on you! Another master piece form one of the best director ever! GO, NOW!!!

The sequel to last year blockbuster and more important, THE adventure continues! One of the best book I ever read! But let's not go that way! it's impossible to top the book! Good thing the director didn't try! Last year I said he did a pretty good and faithful job! I would say the same this year! I know, for the purist, some stuff are missing! But you would need 4 hours episodes to be able to put everything on the screen!
So good job, fantastic cinematography and natural decors, powerful CGI (the first one had some "not-that-good effects!). All the ingredients to a great sequel! Actors are great (see the review of the first movie), and I think this sequel is even better than the first episode! All the shots with Gollum are fantastic! I wonder how will be the next episode? Better than this one!?
One of the best moment remains the final battle! And of course the inner battle with Frodo and the ring! There are too many good things in the movie I can describe them all! Tough to find anything bad in this sequel! Funny, it makes me think of Star Wars! Lots of people said that The Empire Strikes Back is the best of the three (well now 5!!). Let's hope there will be no Ewoks in the Lord of the Ring #3!! LOL!
Overall, the best experience in a movie theater for a fantastic movie experience! It could have been 4 hours long, I don't think anybody would have mind! RUN SEE IT!!

OK movie, not more! It should be "cool movie, not more in this case!!!
10 for De Niro and Billy Crystal! They really rule! Of course it's not as good as the first one (that would be a 14 for a comedy!), but it's not surprising: Hollywood like franchise and series! The money thing! Still, I laugh pretty hard several times and who cares if it's not the best comedy ever! Having De Niro making all kind of faces is worth the price of the ticket!! I wish he will come back to other movie than his recent ones! Too many comedies and action films! Please Robert, more movie like the Godfather or Taxi Driver! "You're talking to me!?" LOL!
I had a good time although there are movies right now that deserve way more attention than this one!!! But if you're sad or depressed, this one is for you! Have fun!!! :)


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