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As seen in the Hustler magazine about the Rebecca Lords web site

Click on the French Porn Star Rebecca Lord's jutting breast on the opening page of this site, and the actress turns, offers her hurd, high ass and invites web surfers inside to find hundreds of photos and video clips of this fellating frog in action. Most web pages that feature flaming icons and rippling Java effects only succeed slowing their sites to a crawl, but Lord manages to make hers dance without stalling a surfer's browser. Members can email Lord to set up private, interactive Live-Video sessions and can enter contests to win free memberships and merchandise."

As seen in the Hustler Erotic Video Guide about

"It may not be a creative name, yet porn star Rebecca Lord's site is a visual delight! Her entry page has a few high quality clothed shots of Ms Lord that makes for a better welcome than the standard Enter/Don't Enter we've all come to expect from certain web sites. The Free Section of Rebecca Lord's Web Site offers a Porn-u-copia of all things Lord-like, including free color photos of the star in hardcore fuck-action, a biography of 'Becca, a chatroom and loads more. Naturally, if you join as a monthly member, you'll gain access to the really hot stuff this fantastic French woman pumps out, such as Live Show, Video Clips of Ms Lord in action, a voluminous (we are talking hundreds upon hundreds of hard-core images), photo archives section, and enough smut to pump up the Eiffel Tower. Rebecca Lord's Web Site is one of the most complete, enjoyable and erotic Porn Star web sites in Cyberspace. Ooh-la-lick!"
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